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SumoMe: Lead Generation for Your Site… with Great Support


I was recently reading Jeff Goins’ website and noticed a few integrations that I hadn’t recognized with his WordPress site. I used WordPress Theme Search to do some research. Jeff uses a plugin called SumoMe made by AppSumo. When I checked all of the features of SumoMe, I was impressed. ...

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The Best WordPress Plugins for Business 2014


Every year we test a ton of WordPress plugins. We manage over 30 installations of WordPress for business clients and constantly strive to identify and implement plugins to help drive business results. We have also designed our own themes from scratch and developed WordPress plugins for several clients (as well ...

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What are the Best Marketing Platforms?


Please stop asking this. I mean it. There is no best. Period. It’s a question that I’m asked over and over again by both marketers and industry professionals alike. It’s a question that can’t possibly be answered unless there’s a full evaluation of company that is going to use the ...

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