Video: The Tallest iPhone Yet

Video: The Tallest iPhone Yet

It’s Friday and time for some levity! I truly enjoy a good spoof and love when it’s targeted towards a company like Apple (of which I’m a total fanboy). Brand perfection brings with it the opportunity for ridicule… and this video from Satire nails it! Although the guitar idea is pretty cool :)

On a side note, iOS6 is out and we’ve seen some really great features. I’ve also seen a couple bugs. One example was that I was on a phone call this morning and my alarm went off… not sure if that worked the same way on the last version but it was a little bit annoying.

Quite a few apps are having some difficulties with some bugs. I think both Apple and the software developers are responsible there. Apple keeps a tight rope around its application process to assure quality. It’s some of the sacrifice in freedom that Apple users trade for the benefit of stability. It looks like they didn’t really do any testing of existing applications to ensure they were fully functional, though.

And Application developers had the opportunity to download iOS6 and fully test their applications prior to the release, so shame on them for some features not working. I’ve not seen any huge issues… just minor navigation and postback issues.

PS: Thanks to Ben McCann at Catalist Consulting for sharing this find!