We’re a Top 10 Social Media Blog!

We’re a Top 10 Social Media Blog!

It’s always amazing to be recognized by your peers – but today really takes it up a notch! Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner blog is, by far, one of the most popular, well-branded and well-managed social media blogs on the Internet. Not only does he have great content and incredible events… he’s also selfless in promoting others.

Today, the Marketing Technology blog was named as one of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media blogs! Here is the entire list:

#1: Social Mouths

Social Mouths, the brainchild of Francisco Rosales, provides deep and honest looks at social media marketing and trends that impact our industry.

Social Mouths

The site contains detailed posts with real-world examples, and addresses new and difficult topics.

#2: ViralBlog

ViralBlog provides a daily stream of social media trends and inspiration through case studies and other interesting articles.


The site has excellent content with useful tips and advice.

#3: Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas takes a close look at how businesses can get found online through social media.

Jeff Bullas

The site has excellent content with solid social media insights.

#4: Hubze

Hubze has built an audience by focusing on social media trends and tips on social media marketing tactics.


The site contains a nice variety of media, including articles and podcasts.

#5: The Sales Lion

The Sales Lion from Marcus Sheridan is a blog that seeks to build community around inbound marketing, blogging, business and life.

The Sales Lion

The site fosters strong community with great participation through comments.

#6: Pushing Social

Pushing Social from Stanford Smith provides practical blogging tips and resources from a fresh perspective.

Pushing Social

The site contains creative, informative and readable posts with deeper-than-average advice.

#7: Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen provides intelligent insights on social media tactics and trends, all while making the complex simple.

Heidi Cohen

The site contains comprehensive and thoughtful content.

#8: MarketingTech Blog

MarketingTech blog provides a technology-focused approach to new media marketing.


The site covers a variety of topics and media, including radio and video.

#9: Likeable Media

Likeable Media keeps readers current on industry trends and new tools while also providing strategies and tactics for using Facebook and social media marketing.

Likeable Media

The site contains very current information on new tools and platforms.

#10: SplashMedia

SplashMedia provides interesting takes on strategy, tips and trends, while their SplashCasts offer some great success stories.


The site features great use of a video show as well as diverse postings with good in-depth content.

Thanks to the staff and judges from the Social Media Examiner. I’m absolutely humbled and appreciate all the support you’ve provided us over the years!