TimeTrade: Let Leads Schedule Your Next Appointment!

TimeTrade: Let Leads Schedule Your Next Appointment!

I’m still bitter about Blackberry swallowing Tungle and then killing it. It was a fantastic tool that I’ve not been able to replace… until now. I happened across a site that was utilizing TimeTrade’s Click to Schedule feature and discovered a technology that’s worth sharing.

The small investment I’m making in TimeTrade is well worth it because it eliminates the back and forth dialogue with my clients or prospects on identifying a date and time to meet. The system takes that functionality and strengthens it with its premier package, though, allowing you to put a Click to Schedule button directly on your website! This is a great feature that can increase conversions as TimeTrade notes below:

Prospects that engage by scheduling a short call for information or sales help are more qualified and ready to have a buying conversation. This shortens the sales cycle by skipping the “top” of the sales funnel and getting right to work with the selling process. TimeTrade customers routinely see increases of 25% or more in conversion-to-sale and shorten sales cycles by 40% or more.

So a prospect lands on your site and is interested. Rather than submitting a request form, they click to schedule and schedule the appointment that’s appropriately routed to the right person on your team. How cool is that? No fuss, no muss… your calendar is updated, your sales CRM is updated, and your marketing automation’s nurturing campaign is now kicked off. All of this is accomplished without anyone in your company lifting a finger!

TimeTrade integrates directly with Google Calendar, Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce. So not only would your leads set the appointment, but their information in your CRM or marketing automation platform would be updated as well!