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The Missing Features of MyBlogLog

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger asks what MyBlogLog has done for him lately. I don’t disagree with Darren – but I see some fantastic potential with this service. I do love seeing the faces of other bloggers, especially new ones on my blog utilizing the MyBlogLog widget. That’s it Darren… that’s the feature I currently love.

I do not utilize the stats package on MyBlogLog. They simply are not robust enough for me to do true analysis on my site. Referring sites, referring search engines, search keywords, conversions, top content, top exits, top entrances, pageviews, geographic analysis… these are all features of Google Analytics that I utilize regularly to monitor the impact of my blog. Especially when Google Analytics doesn’t cost any money, but enhanced tools with MyBlogLog do.

Now that Yahoo! owns MyBlogLog, I believe they are really sitting on a hit if they build a better blog analytics package. It would be really incredible if the smart folks over there could track blog post traffic – whether or not it’s on a single page, home page, or on a set of multiple pages. If MyBlogLog’s Analytics package gets good enough, I wouldn’t use Google Analytics – which is not really designed for a publishing site/blog.

A few days ago, I actually wrote the team at MyBlogLog and recommended another feature… the blogroll widget. One of the problems that I see with MyBlogLog is what Darren eludes to. People join his community but don’t visit his blog. If you put up a blogroll on your site with all of the communities you’ve joined, I think folks would be a little more accurate about what communities they actually read if the list was on their sidebar! I read over 100 blogs so I’d be in trouble! But sometimes I do feel compelled to join communities of those who joined mine… even when I’ve never visit their website.

About the same time that I happened across MyBlogLog, I helped Jim Walton launch Black In Business. Black In Business is a (much needed) blog, providing inspiration, analysis, and feedback to the black community. Okay – not just the black community, Jim inspires everyone! I am fascinated by diversity and race issues, though. When I put the widget on Jim’s sidebar, it had a much larger impact on his blog than I would have guessed. The reason is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Jim and his trusted readers get to put their color out there for everyone to see – perfect for a site that exists to talk about race and business.

Jim’s MyBlogLog community is hyper-active when compared to mine. I notice messages posted from readers almost every single day in his community. I can’t speak to the total impact of MyBlogLog on BlackInBusiness, I hope Jim can speak to his observations and whether he’s surprised at how great a tool it’s been for bringing readers and discussion to his website. I’m pretty impressed, though.

Putting a face to a name, and even a color to a face, really helps bring the blogosphere closer to a community. I believe that’s MyBlogLog’s biggest feature.

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  1. I am so new to blogging that I could not even comprehend not having MyBlogLog,the community of thought provided by the readers has given me direction . The show of support has humbled me and I do feel a part of the community. The support from other than obvious readers points out races have much more in common than we in normal life allow. Blogging can provide a tool for us to better understand each other with out comming in to contact with each other. Think about it, that is what companies and customers can do as well. Focus on common goals as methods of building trust and respect. Nice post Doug, Go Bears!

  2. We’ve been talking about something like this. Ultimately, I’d love it if we can make it one-click simple for you to join the communities of all the sites in your blogroll (or MyYahoo or FeedReader or…) and then replace your blogroll with a widget that automatically updates as you join new communities.

    Besides the resource issue (custom communities and Y! integration are sucking everything up in the short term) there’s the whole “how good is good enough” question. Many people organize their blogrolls pretty extensively, so how much of that do we need to support before people will replace their blogroll with a widget? What do you think the basic features need to be?

  3. Eric,

    Thanks so much for commenting and visiting! I like the idea of using a blogroll to reverse-join communities. Great idea! Maybe simply by copy and pasting them into a form where you could look for their domains on MyBlogLog… and if they don’t exist, invite them!

    As for the widget… I think it could compliment a Blogroll, not necessarily replace it. If I could put a Communities widget on my blog with all the pics (just like the MyBlogLog) – with a link to the community and a link back to their blog.


  4. The best thing I’ve got out of MyBlogLog is the MyAvatars wordpress plugin which uses the photo you have at mybloglog as the photo in your comments.

    Any person who has photo at their MyBlogLog account and types there website into the comments form will get their photo put in your comments.

  5. Doug — I like the idea of complementing the widget instead of replacing it. Great idea!

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