What Are We Missing? Or Who’s Missing Us?

What Are We Missing? Or Who’s Missing Us?

Arrington Scoble KingsRobert Scoble asks, What are the tech bloggers missing? Your business!

The post hit a nerve with me. Robert is absolutely right!

As I read my RSS feeds on a daily basis, I’m tired of the same crap over and over again. Are Microsoft and Yahoo! talking again? Is Steve Jobs still running Apple? As Facebook continues to grow exponentially, will the ad revenue continue to suck? What is each founder of each mega-dot-com doing today? Who will get the story first, TechCrunch, Mashable, Slashdot, VentureBeat or Techmeme?

Blahhh, blahhh, blahhh…


I never read about the businesses I work with daily on those sites. You might think there weren’t any other startups in the country if all you did was read the royal blogs. Those of us who aren’t descendants of dot-com royalty haven’t been sitting on the sidelines our entire careers. We’ve been working every bit as hard as those on the inner circle to build successful companies. We have successful businesses – but royalty tends not to mix blood with the common folk.

In all honesty, I think those of us outside the royals do a better job of it. We build successful businesses without the headlines, without the venture capital, and without being able to dial up a who’s-who list of billionaires to fund our next big idea. We’re not trying to impress each other, we’re trying to help our neighbors. We call up our friends, roll up our sleeves, and put in nights and weekends to get the work done. We don’t measure success in headlines and Foosball tables, we measure it in employment and profit.

I’m not complaining – I’m confident there are thousands of technology startups across the country that are impacting businesses positively but never making the headlines of the royal blogs. I thought the Webtrends re-branding and conference was huge! Ahh… but they weren’t in Redmond… they’re from Portland. No royalty there!

As a result, I simply stopped paying attention to them and turned my blog inward – to the community and friends that I wish to work with. If I happen to go out of town, I try to write about how that will impact my customers and my readers.

If Arrington and Scoble really want to help reach businesses and report on what impacts them, then they need to get on the road and undig some of these gems that are all over the country. Robert asks which bloggers he should be following… I’d recommend he select one in each major metropolitan area. Adding 50 bloggers to his reading list will open his eyes!

Quit regurgitating news that everyone else is covering and find the next Twitter, the next Facebook or even the next Google. Turn off your answering machine, close your inbox and get on a plane. They’re out here! Right here in Indiana we’ve got the Mira Awards coming up – and the nominees are the top technology companies in the state.

The companies in attendance at the Mira Awards aren’t simply successful, they are also helping other Indiana businesses become successful. And as Robert says, that’s what matters!