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Swipp: Because Buttons Don’t Tell the Story

One of your product pages has 160 likes and the other has 800+. Is the product with 800+ likes a better product? Are there problems with the product that only has 160 likes? Or was the product with 800+ likes simply promoted more effectively, landing in the stream of an influencer? What kind of information can you glean from the number of links, follows, retweets, or fans you have?

In my opinion, not much. Some of the activity may be indicative of prospects or customers who wish to engage further with your brand and the data can be utilized that way to score them as such. In other words, the activity on buttons is more about the people that click them than feedback on your products, services or brand.

Enter Swipp Plus for businesses. We met Chris Carfi and his team at Social Media Marketing World and immediately saw the value of the social intelligence platform they’re working on. Swipp Plus offers self-service tools marketers can use to gather feedback, spot trends, and track sentiment.

Swipp would like to be the global gold standard for sentiment data. Swipp Plus is the next step in achieving that vision. To date, there isn’t any standardized way to gather and report what the world thinks. We’re hoping to make a significant contribution by unlocking and unleashing sentiment data for every topic and every location on the planet. Don Thorson


This is a simple technology that’s easy to implement and can produce product feedback in a manner that’s much more useful. Now you can get an actual overview of the scale of sentiment rather than just some ambiguous click that really doesn’t provide any insight.

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