Subscribe for some Extras!

Subscribe for some Extras!

When I subscribed to Matt’s RSS feed over at NetMonkey, every once in a while I would get a feed come up that was a link to a site with a little snippet about the site from Matt. My curiosity got the best of me so I asked Matt how in the world he was doing it. Winds up, it’s a really cool feature of FeedPress called “Link Splicer”.

Here’s how it works. Open an account with one of the supported social bookmarketing sites and enter the necessary info in Feedburner:

Link Splicer

Select whether you want the links to come out as you add them or whether you want them to be added once a day. I put once a day so that you wouldn’t get a ton of feed entries from me.

If you subscribe to the email or to the feed, here’s what you see:

My Link Splicer

This is a really cool feature. Additionally, I have the Add-on for Firefox, so I can post a link to my feed in a few seconds!