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Subscribe for some Del.icio.us Extras!

When I subscribed to Matt’s RSS feed over at NetMonkey, every once in a while I would get a feed come up that was a link to a site with a little snippet about the site from Matt. My curiosity got the best of me so I asked Matt how in the world he was doing it. Winds up, it’s a really cool feature of FeedPress called “Link Splicer”.

Here’s how it works. Open an account with one of the supported social bookmarketing sites and enter the necessary info in Feedburner:

Link Splicer

Select whether you want the links to come out as you add them or whether you want them to be added once a day. I put once a day so that you wouldn’t get a ton of feed entries from me.

If you subscribe to the email or to the feed, here’s what you see:

My Link Splicer

This is a really cool feature. Additionally, I have the Del.icio.us Add-on for Firefox, so I can post a link to my feed in a few seconds!

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  1. Doug,

    You can also configure del.icio.us itself to send a daily summary of all the links you have saved that day.

    You can find it in the http://del.icio.us/help/ section at the bottom called “daily blog posting”. Setup is fairly straightforward and it works
    You can then edit that post to match the categories for your blog.



  2. Al, that’s pretty cool! I may have to incorporate that – I don’t think folks use my sidebar too much.

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