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Video: Marketing and Sales… Ahhh the Synergy

This is one of those videos that every organization with hard-working marketing and sales teams is going to love… and probably laugh at uncomfortably. In present-day organizations, the marketing department is tasked with building marketing programs that attract leads. When the leads have budget and are ready to buy, they’re called marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Those MQLs are passed over to the sales department (through the “pipeline”) who then schedules demos or sales calls with the prospect and is tasked with closing them.

But it the synergy isn’t always as beautifully as imagined…

Jesubi is our latest sponsor on the Marketing Technology blog. Like most great platforms, Jesubi grew out of necessity. LeadJen is a company tasked with doing multi-touch outbound B2B sales. When LeadJen was utilizing their sales force software to track their productivity for their clients, they were myred in unproductive platforms. Instead of spending time on the phone, their sales professionals were tied up in just trying to record the progress.


Worse, the dashboards for sharing and measuring progress with the clients was non-existant. As a result, Jesubi was born. Jesubi’s activity driven design allows sales reps to quickly log tasks so managers can review their team’s work. And Jesubi’s automated reports show how your best salespeople are converting leads into sales. Jesubi integrates with Salesforce, Marketo and Eloqua or can be used as a standalone CRM to enable and automate your sales process.

Jesubi is different from any other sales analysis software or CRM system available.

Instead of focusing on simply leads or opportunities, Jesubi focuses on the specific steps that generate business opportunities for you. Once your organization can pinpoint exactly what it takes to produce a conversation, meeting, opportunity, and close, you are in a position to recreate that success. We call this focusing on “the human touch”, or rather the “middle of the sales funnel.”

Call 317-844-6885×100 today or request a demo!

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