Hearsay Content Exchange: Curation and Syndication

Hearsay Content Exchange: Curation and Syndication

On a daily basis, our team is reviewing hundreds of sources of marketing data and sharing that data through our marketing and client channels. We utilize alerts, social monitoring and readers to find and review content – and then push that content to our audiences and customers using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to share that data.

It’s not enough for us simply to share our own content… I think that’s a strategy that holds many companies back. Our competition puts out amazing content and, since our goal is to provide value and insight to our audience, choosing not to share that content would be a disservice. To truly build authority and credibility, sharing other resources is a great way to show respect for your peers and show your audience that you’re serious about helping them.

Hearsay Social is taking things up a notch, building a content exchange that will brings high-value third-party content to their customers for curation and syndication. The network taps into content from Thomson Reuters, Tribune Media Services, and Demand Media which includes eHow.com, LIVESTRONG.com, and Cracked.com)

The Hearsay Social Content Exchange is a revolutionary content curation platform that allows marketers and salespeople to easily discover, curate, and post engaging updates to their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

eMarketer reports that 95% of content marketers curate and share content with their audiences. Identifying, reviewing and publishing that content can be extremely time-consuming. Hearsay provides a simple interface where you can add these resources in addition to your own feeds… then curate and syndicate only the best quality content. This will save marketers time while increasing their value to their audience.