Google Shopping Video Lessons!

Google Shopping Video Lessons!

Introduction to Google Product Listing Ads

Welcome! We put together a number of videos to help get you familiar with Google’s new paid shopping program, Google Product Listing Ads. This channel has proved to be one of the most successful shopping channels for online merchants of all time, which is supported by data and reports CPC Strategy puts out each quarter. You can check out the latest report on the best shopping channels here and the latest report on Google Shopping here.

Without further ado, here are four videos introducing you to Google Shopping.

What are the new features on Google Shopping?

Why is bidding so important on Google Shopping?

Why is it essential to make changes to your Google Shopping feed if you want to run a Product Listing Ads campaign?

What are best practices on Google Shopping?

What’s the best way to get help from Google Adwords Support?

That’s it! If you have any questions about Google Shopping we’ll be answering them in the comments.