This Fat Guy Loves Coca-Cola Marketing

This Fat Guy Loves Coca-Cola Marketing

I’m beyond fat… in fact, I need to lose the weight of an average man to get back to just being fat. I’d love to blame it on my thyroid, my genetics, my work, my stress level… something. The fact is, though, that it’s pretty simple. When I eat right and exercise, I lose weight. When I don’t exercise or eat right, I gain weight. During stressful times is when I tend to abandon my health and dive into the abyss… and times have been much more stressful in the last few years.

Being fat isn’t from a lack of knowledge of nutrition nor understanding exercise and how the body works. I’m willing to bet that I’ve read more books, watched more documentaries and understand more about nutrition than most healthy people. I’d also bet that I’ve lost more weight than anyone… hundreds of pounds over the years. Unfortunately, I’ve gained many, many more due to my lack of willpower and prioritization of health and work balance in my life.

Aside from my love of white flour and sugar is also my love of the Internet and freedom. The Internet provides a public medium where a person or a company need not wait for journalists or the government to put the spotlight on them. A company can take matters into its own hands, and develop its own messaging – without filtering, opinion, or censorship. It’s why I love the fact that Coca-Cola is tackling the health risks associated with its products head on in a series of new commercials.

Here’s another example:

We live in a world where whenever anything goes terribly wrong, we feel better about pointing our fingers and blaming someone else rather than analyzing how we can personally impact change. Corporations are an easy target, especially when they’re very profitable. How simple it is to just blame Coca-Cola on our obesity epidemic than getting our kids more active with outdoor activities, putting down our smartphones, heading to the gym, or eating healthier. We blame world-class product marketing instead of the evolution of occupations that require little or no energy.

Inherent to any marketing is the strategy to try to get more people to buy more of your product more often. I don’t believe that marketing is manipulative, but I do feel that people are taking less and less responsible for their own actions. Everyone knows that soda is not a drink that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t need Coca-Cola to tell me that… but I am glad that they’re telling everyone that’s attacking them the facts about their product.

By the way… I had a couple glasses of Coke last night and they were incredible. Today, I had a healthy breakfast, cut out snacking, and had a very healthy dinner. Tomorrow I’m planning on riding my bike (I’m sore today after riding for the first time in months last week). I don’t need Coca-Cola or the government to tell me I need to get my butt on that bike tomorrow.

I’m fat, I’m not stupid.