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Central Indiana Marketing Agencies, Public Relations Firms, Development Companies, and Sales & Marketing Technology Platforms

The DK New Media offices are in downtown Indianapolis and we do quite a bit to help out the local community. This list started when I pushed Techpoint about Indianapolis’ number of online marketing companies. We decided to start putting together a list and now maintain it on an ongoing basis.

For those of you outside Indianapolis, there are some very distinct advantages to working with an agency or service provider in Indy. The cost of living is great so we’re able to keep costs low, the feeder system of amazing talent from Universities is one of the best in the country, and the MidWest spirit is focused on business results rather than the next shiny marketing trend.

This is list of successful companies here in Indiana that provide online marketing services or online marketing technologies. We’ve worked with many of these people and have had incredible experiences. It’s a robust list – no wonder why Indianapolis is raising some eyebrows with its marketing savvy! Here are 50 70 90 over 150 companies that were able to put together:

Ad Management

  • Adproval – Ad management and sponsorship services


Analytics Consulting

Analytics Platforms

  • Pirate Metrics – SaaS Analytics platform for subscription-based applications

Branding & Design

Content Management Platform Specialists

Content Management and Marketing Platform

Copywriting, Blogging and Content Services

Customer Intelligence

Development Services


Email Marketing


Inbound Marketing

Infographic Design

Knowledge Management

  • Consona – ERP, Knowledge Management, eService, CRM

Marketing Automation

Member Management

  • Weblink – member management software

Mobile Marketing Platforms

Podcast & Audio

Product Management

  • Productive Leap – offers services that improve the process and delivery practices for software and technology companies.

Promotion Platforms

  • PERQ – incentive programs that attract and engage consumers, increasing web and retail traffic.

Public Relations

Real Estate Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

  • PatronPath – restaurant marketing and online ordering


  • Angie’s List – add your business and access tools to help you broadcast your service.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Social Media Platforms

  • ChaCha – answers
  • My Yappy Dog – Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Real Estate and Service Providers.
  • Punch Bug Marketing – social media marketing and design services

Sports Marketing

User Experience

Video Marketing

Voice Technologies

Take a look at some of the companies above that you’ve not heard of – we have tens of thousands of professional marketers in the area (not to mention the freelancers) who service company’s marketing needs!

Who am I missing? I’m sure there are some that I am missing! Let me know.

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About Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of The Marketing Technology Blog. Doug is the CMO of CircuPress and CEO of DK New Media, an agency specializing in assisting marketing technology companies with their inbound marketing - leveraging social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. Their clients include Angie's List, GoDaddy, Mindjet and many more. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

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  1. A lot of local small businesses and individuals are using PickyList.com to build up their online brand, track their overall attention and connect with new customers. :)

  2. Doug – great list, and I’m honored that Professional Blog Service on the list among some very amazing companies. Even better, most of these firms are not start ups.

    It’s also amazing how many of these companies are self funded or are flying on a wing and a prayer with angel investment only. Indianapolis could quickly the hotbed in the industry with a little more investment and support for these firms.

  3. Flattered to be on the list. I am i very good company. Here are a few more I would add:

    http://www.spinweb.net – web design
    http://www.deepripples.com – innovative SEO
    http://www.tuitivegroup.com – user interface and web design
    weblink ( sorry, I don’t know their web site) – software for chambers of commerce
    http://www.FatAtom.com – Web Design and SEO
    http://www.Pinpointmultimedia.us – Video for web
    http://www.getVisualBlaze.com Webdesign, and interactive video, cool viral stuff

    And I am sure I am missing lots of others. Would be fun to see how long we can make the list of firms here in Indy

  4. You left Firebelly off the list. We’re a small Internet marketing firm in Broad Ripple. You can find us at http://www.firebellymarketing.com

  5. Thanks for the shout out Doug! Looks like Small Box is in some good company here. I’m proud to be a part of the Indy tech scene. Loads of great people doing great stuff.

    Would like to see this list turned into a directory that you, and anyone else you would like to have involved, personally update and vet. Small Box is working on setting some directories up if you would like to partner with us on that. I think the town is lacking an informative directory of marketing/web companies.

    • It is a great city for Marketing Technology, Jeb! While other industries here in town might employ a lot of people, they lack the entrepreneurial talent that the technology and marketing industries do. As well, I think we’re growing our industry while manufacturing and pharma have taken some deep hits.


  6. Indianapolis really does have an amazing tech community! I’d like to add Squish to the list as well. We are one of just a few in Indy that utilize the Joomla CMS to provide web/marketing solutions!

    Nice job putting this together, Doug!

  7. I’d like to contribute to your list as well, my company Layman Media has been doing multimedia production, web development and social marketing for 4 years completely self funded. Our clients tend to be from the small business, music, non profit and political markets.

    We specialize in WordPress developments using customized social marketing tools and communities built in. We produce video and audio projects; develop, organize and moderate custom digital communities; organize online ad campaigns; develop, organize and manage third party properties like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace Pages and a range of other marketing services. We also do live audio and video production using live streaming services such as UStream, Justin.tv, BlogTalkRadio and private Intranet production services.

  8. We’re a bit newer to the scene, but NetStuffers is up and coming and does everything from website development to social marketing campaign management. Plus, we own our own social network here in town, IndyMojo.com.

    This is an impressive list, however. I wonder how it honestly compares to regions such as Chicago.

  9. Thanks for including FormSpring on this list Doug. Your efforts to promote the Indy area tech community is awesome. The only way to keep growing all these great companies is to keep promoting them to the outside world!

  10. Tomato Fish Marketing (http://www.tomatofishmktg.com) – my favorite!
    Boundless Design (http://www.jillharding.com) – my other favorite!

  11. Make that 65 : Three Hats Marketing (http://www.3hatsmarketing.com) ; Tomato Fish Marketing (http://www.tomatofishmktg.com) ; Boundless Design (http://www.jillharding.com)

    Jill Harding
    Boundless Design

  12. One more you've missed – GlobalMagic – http://www.globalmagic.com

  13. Don’t forget Deb Daily at Buckaroo Marketing http://www.gobuckaroo.com/ and the ladies of Matchbook creative http://www.sparktoignite.com/

  14. Hi Doug – Please add Zucker Business Communications (ZBC) — content development. Likely last on the list, but that makes us easy to find.

  15. Thx for including xiik!

  16. MediaFuel Digital Agency…10 years in Indy…mediafuel.net

  17. Nextfly Web Design…over 10 years in Indianapolis.


  18. For the Voice category you should add Fathom Voice

  19. Would love to be added to your list…you missed us! Love to be listed under Agencies, Branding and Video Marketing…Thanks Doug!

    Fat Atom – http://www.fatatom.com

  20. Hey Doug – Would love to be added to the Agency list. Miller Brooks – Advertising, Branding, PR and Media. – http://www.millerbrooks.com


  21. Hey Douglas, we’d love to be included on your list! We specialize in advertising, branding, and design. www.bladv.com

  22. Douglas: We would love to be added to your list as well. We specialize in small to midsize company marketing strategy, website design, branding and hr consulting. http://www.strategynest.com Thanks!

  23. Hi Douglas! Please add MillerWhite Marketing (http://www.millerwhite.com) to your list. We’re a complete in-house marketing company with a 35-year history of developing results-driven, cost-effective marketing, communications and promotions for our clients. Our services include marketing, research, public relations, advertising, audio/video, SEO/SEM and interactive and social media. Our Indianapolis offices are in the 101 West Ohio building. Thank you!

  24. your list is fabulous! Thanks for the info!

  25. Hello,

    Love this list! I would be ever more grateful if you added my company.


    It’s a Lead Generation and SEO Services Company here in Indy.

  26. Hey Douglas, I work at Fat Atom Marketing, and we’d love for all the amazing stuff we offer to be included in your list.

    We would also fit under: Agencies, Branding and Design, Copywriting, Blogging and Content Services, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing.

    Also, we just started a sister company, The Farm Lead Gen (www.thefarmleadgen.com) – Sales, Marketing Automation, and Lead Generation are their specialties.

    Thanks for all the stuff you do for the marketing community!

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