Calendly: Your Online Meeting Scheduler

Calendly: Your Online Meeting Scheduler

When Blackberry swallowed Tungle and then ended it, I was truly disappointed. It was so easy for folks to schedule a meeting with me with their platform. I gave TimeTrade a go but it was too confusing… for me and for folks I wanted to schedule meetings with.

Last week, Jeb Banner of SmallBox sent me a URL to schedule a meeting with him and I was instantly in love… the platform is called Calendly and dare I say that it’s even better than Tungle was!

Here’s what my Calendly looks like:


Calendly allows you to customize your events and integrates with your Google Calendar and invitees can easily add scheduled events to their Google, Outlook or iCal calendars.

Click on an event type and you’re met with time options:


It allows you to buffer before and after and even automates reminders to the attendees. One of my favorite features of the platform is that each event type has a custom URL! So – when I wish to send an invite to a customer for an audit review or a day of consulting – I can send them directly to the event type.

Calendly Event Type Setup: