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Blogs, Clogs and Storytelling


Brian Clark touched on something in his last couple posts on copyblogger that I think may be the ‘missing link’ for Corporate Blogs (Clog)… tell the Story.

I’ve written a couple posts that are critical of corporate blogs. The reason is that a corporate blog can be somewhat of an oxymoron. Many companies look at blogging as an extension of their marketing efforts, along with a web site, advertising, and press releases. Other companies are climbing on board this ‘new marketing medium’. Arrgh! IMHO, blogs are not supposed to be for marketing, they are truly supposed to be for creating a conversation with your readers – employees, customers and/or prospects.

Brian’s advise in his last couple entries is that it’s very effective to tell stories with your copy, and this can be extended to your blog. What a fantastic idea! Companies should adopt this strategy. A story can be honest, relevant and timely. A story can portray strengths of your company without the posturing of a well-worded advertisement or press release. And… a story can be the start of a terrific conversation between your company and the folks reading your blog.

Storytelling may be the perfect strategy for your company blog, avoiding the backlash of insincere and pre-approved clogging.

Tell your story. Tell your customers’ stories. Even tell your prospects’ stories.

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