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Douglas Karr is the founder of The Marketing Technology Blog. Doug is the CMO of CircuPress and CEO of DK New Media, an agency specializing in assisting marketing technology companies with their inbound marketing - leveraging social media, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click and public relations. Their clients include Angie's List, GoDaddy, Mindjet and many more. Douglas is also the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

November, 2015

  • 30 November

    Black Friday Store Shopping Statistics Are In!

    Black Friday Statistics

    The 2015 shopping season is now upon us and the numbers are in as we move closer to the holiday season. RetailNext reports that brick-and-mortar traffic was down year-over-year but online sales were up by double digits. Thanksgiving Day grossed an estimated $1.8 billion in sales while Black Friday attracted …

  • 29 November

    The Benefits of Testing Coupons and Discounts

    Coupons and Digital Discounts

    Do you pay a premium to acquire new leads, or offer a discount to attract them? Some companies won’t touch coupons and discounts because they fear devaluing their brand. Other companies have become dependent upon them, dangerously reducing their profitability. There’s little doubt whether or not they work, though. . …

  • 28 November

    5 Data Disconnects and Bad Marketing Assumptions

    Bad Data

    We recently ran a user experience test of our site, and the results were split. The audience loved our content but were irritated by our advertising – especially where it was sliding in or popping up. While the testing validated the layout of our site, ease of navigation, and quality …

  • 28 November

    Wideo: Create Animated Videos Online

    Create Animated Videos Online

    We research, script and produce animated videos for our clients and it’s quite a complex process. While they have an incredible return on investment, many companies simply can’t afford spending thousands of dollars on a great animation. Wideo.co has developed an online animated video creation platform to provide an affordable …

  • 27 November

    Grow: Build The Ultimate Internet Marketing Dashboard

    Grow Dashboard Platform

    We’re big fans of visual performance indicators. Currently, we automate monthly executive reports to our clients and, within our office, we have a large screen that displays a real-time dashboard of all our clients’ internet marketing key performance indicators. It’s been a great tool – always letting us know which …

  • 26 November

    4 Strategies Your Business Should Be Executing Using Social Media

    Social Media for Business

    There’s a lot of conversation about the impact or lack of impact of social media on B2C and B2B businesses. Much of it is downplayed because of the difficulty in attribution with analytics, but there’s no doubt that people are utilizing social networks to research and discover services and solutions. …

  • 25 November

    5 Retail Trends for 2015 Every Marketer Should Know

    Retail Trends

    Two-thirds of consumers now shop across devices, making multi-touch attribution and omnichannel marketing key to every retail marketers’ strategy. There’s no longer a distinct line between online digital marketing and offline sales. Consumers are now regularly webrooming – shopping online and picking up at a local retail outlet – and …

  • 24 November

    How Mobile Wallet Offers Drive Sales

    Mobile Wallet Offers

    I carry my iPhone in an absolutely splendid, hand-made leather case from Pad and Quill which has room for my ID and some credit cards but not much else. As a result, I rely on mobile apps and my mobile wallet quite a bit. One app that I’ve fallen in …

  • 24 November

    5 Proven Times to Send Your Automated Emails

    Send Automated Emails

    We’re huge fans of automated emails. Companies don’t often have the resources to touch each prospect or customer on a frequent basis, so automated emails can have a dramatic impact on your ability to communicate and nurture both your leads and customers. Emma has done a fantastic job in pulling …

  • 23 November

    The State of Social Media Ecommerce

    State of Social Media Ecommerce

    It’s one thing to advertise via social media and bring people back to your site, but social media platforms are looking to bring conversions closer and control them further by bringing them directly into their platforms. For e-commerce providers, this is a welcome move because it’s been difficult to measure …

  • 22 November

    12 Tips to Differentiate Your Content Marketing


    I love the fact that our readers stick with us even though we don’t get too wildly creative. Curating and publishing a ton of infographics helps differentiate our publication from others out there – but we’ve not gone too far beyond that. Our podcast interviews series with marketing leaders is …

  • 21 November

    Filestage: Streamline Your Video Annotation and Review Process


    We’ve been working on an explainer video the last couple weeks, and it’s been going extremely well even though it’s bringing together five groups of talent – the client, the script writer, the illustrator, the animator, and the voice over talent. Those are a lot of moving parts! Most of …