8 Online Infographic Makers and Platforms

8 Online Infographic Makers and Platforms

The infographics industry is exploding and now we’re seeing some new tools to help. Currently, infographics agencies charge between $2k and $5k to research, design and promote a fantastic infographic.

These tools will make development of your infographics a lot less costly, easier to design and publish, and some include reporting modules to see how well the infographics are distributed and promoted. Some of them are a bit young so you may have to deal with some bugginess, but they’re all very impressive.

Easel.ly – create and share visual ideas online

IBM Many Eyes – Upload your data, create your informational graphics and share them from your data in 3 easy steps.

InfoActive – currently in a closed beta, Infoactive is a interactive, mobile-awesome, super-simple, live-data, web application for building informational graphics.

Infogram – We work with marvelous designers to bring you the best components and themes for your infographics. Simply pick whatever you like to build your own.

Piktochart – Piktochart is among the first online web applications to autonomize the creation of infographics. Its vision is to allow non-designers/programmers to create interactive infographics to promote their cause/brand and educate in a fun and engaging manner.

Venngage – Venngage helps you create and publish custom infographics, engage your viewers, and track your results. Venngage is the most powerful infographics publishing platform ever for marketers and publishers.

Visme is a free tool used to create engaging presentations, infographics, web banners and short animations. Visme users can start from a preset of professional templates or start from a blank canvas and create their own content, fully personalized to their specific needs.

You can even make Infographics from your iOS device now with the Infographic Maker.

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