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Top 10 Trends for Back-To-School Shopping in 2015

Back-to-School is the second biggest shopping season of the year. Not surprisingly, back-to-school shopping continues the shift to mobile with a whopping 40% of searches done via mobile device – that’s a 25% increase from 2013. Those searches are a combination of searching for products as well as finding retailers ...

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Your Marketer Is There to Help You

Time to Listen

I have a lot friends who run marketing agencies and a lot of marketing professionals throughout the Internet that I’m friends with. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the most frustrating thing that I and others find about our job is the resistance of the businesses we’re working with. ...

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5 Travel Marketing Trends Your Brand Needs to Adopt

Digital Traveler Behavior

Celebrity Cruises launched a site in March of 2015 that resulted in a 12% increase in bookings from mobile/tablet devices in the first two weeks, a 3% increase in online revenue in and a 140% increase in online revenue. They accomplished this through the site’s improved itinerary content, powerful imagery ...

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The Key to Your Brand Regaining Control is Personalization


Every prospect and customer are motivated differently, arrive at your business through different mediums, with different levels of intent, are seeking different information, are at different stages of the customer journey, and expect to immediately find what they need. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting held up when you’re trying ...

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