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Social Media Measurement

How to Measure Social Media Success

Measuring the success of social media is harder than most people believe. Social media has three dimensions: Direct Conversions – this is where most marketers are looking to measure the return on investment. A link brings a visitor directly from a social media post or share through to a conversion. However, …

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Building Complex Templates with Hubspot

website layout design

We’re pretty agnostic when it comes to platforms for marketing automation, landing page development and email marketing. We worked and got certified with Hubspot quite a few years ago, and we were impressed with som of the features, but design elements were a bit limited. That’s not the case any …

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Why Ecommerce Brands Should Invest More Into Instagram

Instagram Versus Facebook for Ecommerce

These days, you can’t build an ecommerce brand without an effective social media marketing strategy. Almost all marketers (93%) turn to Facebook as their primary social network. As Facebook continues to get saturated with marketers, the company is forced to decrease organic reach. For brands, Facebook is a pay to …

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Calls to Action – More Than Just Buttons On Your Web Page

Contextual Call to Action

You’ve heard the mantras, slogans, and mottos of inbound marketers everywhere: “ Content is king! ” In the age of consumer-driven, mobile-friendly, content-centric digital marketing, content is almost everything. Almost as popular as Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing philosophy is another of their champion causes: the call-to-action or CTA. But in your …

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