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Social Media Signals and Search Engine Ranking

Social Signals, SEO, and Their Impact on One Another

Matt Cutts shared a video where he discussed the challenge that engineers might have if they had created dependencies between the Google ranking algorithms and social signals. In short, it would be far too risky to build these dependencies in the event the other social media platform either blocked search ...

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How Does Advertising Work?


While researching the topic of advertising, I happened upon an infographic on how advertising works. The premise of the infographic was that rich companies had piles of money and to manipulate their audience, they had to make them buy stuff to try to feel rich. It was such a disturbing ...

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Paid Search Optimization: A Travel and Tourism Example

Paid Search Optimization

If you’re seeking assistance or paid search expertise, a great resource out there is PPC Hero, a great publication where the Hanapin Marketing shares their expertise. Hanapin recently released this fantastic infographic, the Top Ten PPC Tips For The Travel and Tourism Marketer.  While the use case is travel and ...

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B2C CRM is Critical to Customer Facing Businesses

Customer Relationship Management - Retail

Consumers in today’s market are more empowered than ever before, actively looking for opportunities to engage with businesses and brands. The massive power shift to consumers has happened swiftly and left most companies woefully ill-equipped to harness all of the new information consumers began providing in new ways. Though almost ...

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Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers

DIve Deep into EVERY piece of Content

As marketers, we’re always trying to gather intelligence about our customers’ behavior. Whether it’s through analyzing Google Analytics or looking at conversion patterns, it still takes a lot of time for us to go through these reports and make direct correlations for actionable insight. I recently learned about Boomtrain through ...

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