Testing Livefyre Sidenote for Commenting

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We’ve moved between commenting systems a few times on the Marketing Technology Blog. Luckily, all the key platforms will synchronize comments (we don’t use them if they don’t). Comments are becoming a topic nowadays since comment spam is rampant and many of the most colorful conversations are happening offline, leading some very large blogs to turn off commenting altogether. I’m with friend Lorraine Ball on this one who states: To me, a blog without comments is like a school without students or a concert without an audience. To me, engagement … Continue reading

CoSchedule: Editorial and Social Publishing Calendar for WordPress

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Wow… just wow. I had read about CoScedule a couple months ago and finally had some time to sign up for the trial and give it a test drive. Absolutely fantastic plugin with many more capabilities that I had imagined. The ability to look at your WordPress blog with an editorial calendar of posts had been done before, even with drag and drop capabilities. CoSchedule takes the editorial calendar to an entirely new level, though. Rather than making the calendar simply a view, they’ve actually made an entire user interface … Continue reading

Infographic: Growth Hacking for Content Marketing

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Growth Hacking

One of the reasons why our agency isn’t a content shop is because the goal of online marketing isn’t to produce content, it’s to grow your business. We do produce content (mostly infographics and whitepapers) for clients, but clicking publish is just one step in a much larger strategy. Understanding who you’re writing to and what kind of content they’re seeking should happen prior. And once you publish the content, then you need to make sure that it’s syndicated and promoted properly to maximize its reach. What is Growth Hacking? … Continue reading

Drip: Increase Subscriber Acquisition and Conversion

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Recently, I was asked by a reporter what my #1 tip would be as it came to online marketing. My answer was simple – capture the visitor’s email address. The reason isn’t so that you can SPAM the crap out of the visitor. The reality is that the person visiting your site may not be ready or willing to engage with you at that site. You’re working your butt off generating great content, promoting that content, and ensuring that you have a solid path to engagement… but you’re not doing … Continue reading

WordPress SEO, Local SEO, Video SEO, Ecommerce SEO? Yoast!

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Joost de Valk has done it. Single handedly, his WordPress plugins are at the core of any effort to optimize your WordPress site for search engines. I had used other plugins to manage editing robots.txt, htaccess, build sitemaps, enable authorship and social microdata… and they’ve been unstable, haven’t kept up with algorithm changes, and simply haven’t performed. In fact, I think WordPress should simply purchase Yoast and incorporate all of Joost’s incredible plugins directly in the core product. WordPress SEO We utilize Yoast plugins for all of our clients. Just … Continue reading

Selz Plugin: Turn Blog Posts and Social Updates into Sales

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Selz is a great advancement in ecommerce, providing a clean and simple user interface for selling items (physical or digital downloads) on social or through your site or blog. The embedding of their paltform is accomplished through a widget or purchase button. When pressed, the user is brought to a secure site and is able to download or order the product they requested. There’s no need for complex payment integration, installing secure certificates, or installing an ecommerce platform. Now Selz has launched a WordPress Ecommerce Plugin that makes it even … Continue reading

Managing CTAs or Ads with WordPress

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We run a combination of ad purchases on our site – including call to action banners promoting our services, affiliate ads of companies we trust, and sponsored ads with companies who we’ve chosen to partner with. The different combinations of packages are quite complex, so we haven’t found an out-of-the-box solution to manage the site – that’s why we’ve been utilizing BuySellAds. They offer a marketplace for advertisers to find us as well as a variety of methods to sell advertising throughout the site. Combined with Jetpack’s visibility option with … Continue reading

How to Add Paid Membership to Your WordPress Site

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wordpress membership plugin

One of the questions I continuously get is whether or not I’m aware of a good membership integration for WordPress. WishList is a comprehensive package that converts your WordPress site into a fully-functioning membership site. Over 40,000 WordPress sites are already running this software, so it’s proven, safe and supported! WishList Membersship Site Features Include Unlimited Membership Levels – Create Silver, Gold, Platinum, or any other levels you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same blog. WordPress Integrated – Whether you’re building a new … Continue reading

WordPress: 3 Reasons to Install Jetpack Now!

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wordpress jetpack

Last night I had the pleasure of being a guest on the #atomicchat Twitter chat run by the incredible folks at Atomic Reach. We were discussing great plugins for WordPress and one plugin that I had to bring up a few times was Jetpack. Jetpack supercharges your self‑hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of WordPress.com. You can visit the Jetpack for WordPress site for additional details, but 3 key features stand out for me: Mobile Theme If you can’t read your site well on a mobile device, many … Continue reading