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MainWP: Centrally Manage Your WordPress Sites


The great folks at Automattic have been closely integrating centralized WordPress management through their Jetpack plugin. I’ve already run into one issue with it, though, losing all of my past Jetpack analytics when my site somehow got disconnected and a staging site was connected instead. It was quite a bummer …

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Wishpond: Making Waves in Lead Generation and Automation

wishpond analytics

There’s a storm on the horizon in the marketing automation industry. Barriers to entry for new platforms are getting lower and lower, mature platforms are being swallowed up by enterprise marketing platforms, and those left in the middle are in for some rough seas. Either they pray they can depend …

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A List of the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Business 2015

Best WordPress Plugins for Business 2015

Each year we publish the WordPress plugins that have made the biggest impact to our productivity, optimization, and business results. Because of all of the shift in social impact and integration capabilities, there’s been quite a bit of turnover between our selected WordPress business plugins from 2014 to our latest …

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