What is AuthorRank and Why It Matters

What is AuthorRank and Why It Matters
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I’ve been pestering my clients and we’ve been integrating authorship code on all of our WordPress sites since seeing the incredible results of doing it on our own blog. Here’s a great infographic to help promote authorship even further… penning the term, AuthorRank.

For the average writer, marketer or content producer, AuthorRank presents a great opportunity for personal branding, but also makes us individually responsible for the quality of work we produce. Evaluating the quality of content is Google’s job, and moving into the future it’s clear Google seeks to evaluate the substantive quality of authors. By understanding AuthorRank now, authors can establish themselves and their aggregated body of work as worthy of being ranked. Infographic by BlueGrass.

The cool white space in the Infographic is for the following video: