Impact Radius: Partner, Affiliate, Media and Tag Management


Impact Radius enables digital brands and agencies to maximize the return of ad spend across digital, mobile and offline channels. Their SaaS marketing technology enables marketers to have a singular analytics view into all marketing efforts by collecting granular consumer journey data and marketing costs. The Impact Radius Suite of Products includes Partner Manager – automate your affiliate and strategic partner programs. Reduce your transaction … Continue reading

Vero: Email Automation and Remarketing


Vero is an email marketing automation service that is focused on increasing user conversion and retention. Using targeted emails you can generate increased revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Marketing Technology Blog readers can get 45% off of a 6 month subscription of the Vero Small plan by using our affiliate link! Vero Email Marketing Includes Individual customer profiles – Track data about your customers in … Continue reading

Fluid: Design, Test and Share Your Mobile Prototypes


I’m not sure I’ve ever tested out an easier prototyping engine than Fluid. Seriously, you have to give their editor a test drive, it’s incredibly simple, intuitive and has a robust pallet of drag and drop user interface components that snap to the grid and size intelligently. Fluid has custom player apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. They allow you to build connected multi-screen prototypes, … Continue reading

Adobe dives into Sales Enablement with their Readiness Toolkit App

Adobe Readiness Toolkit

Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM) and Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) combine to allows marketing teams to create, publish and optimize content-centric mobile applications. Because the native Adobe tools are utilized, video, audio, animation and other interactive elements can be utilized along with built in analytics – without the need for any development or third-party migrations. Adobe has launched the Adobe Readiness Toolkit, allowing Adobe sales teams … Continue reading

FirehoseChat: Site Chat Integrated with Mac, iPhone and iPad


FirehostChat is a fully native apps with push notifications that’s as easy as texting. You can even receive chat notifications on your iPhone lock screen with their mobile application. Users can be identified by their physical location and you can identify the page they’re on as well as their system info. The paid version comes with fully customizable CSS, multi-user support and your chat history. … Continue reading

How Do You Justify a Video Marketing Strategy?


It’s not just anecdotal evidence that supports the use of video, it’s the science of video that captures the attention and emotion of the viewer or subscriber. We’ve been pushing all of our clients to make the move to video and have been sprinkling them throughout their sites… from product explainer videos, to complex animations, to customer testimonials and common how-to’s… videos continue to increase … Continue reading

GoAnimate Adds Enterprise, Whiteboard, and Infographic Video Features


Marketers realize that videos allow for an emotional connection and explanation videos that are 30 seconds to under 2 minutes are a fantastic way of garnering attention and improving conversion rates. Just last week, colleague Andrew Angle stopped by our office and told us how much he was enjoying working with GoAnimate and whether or not he could be of service. A few days later, … Continue reading

iOS and Android App Icon Photoshop Templates


It doesn’t matter how simple or difficult, it seems nowadays you can search the net and find practically any tool to help your productivity. We’re developing a custom mobile application for a client and he required us to design and extract the necessary icon files to upload with the application on iOS and Android. Thankfully, designer Michael Flarup has taken the time to build out … Continue reading