We’re Partnering with Udemy for Marketing Training

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As we continue to expand our content, features, and offerings, we wanted to partner with a great online marketing and training site. We were weary of some of the specific companies and wanted our readers to have a variety. If you haven’t checked out Udemy, it’s an impressive undertaking that’s grown rapidly. For the next 12 hours, you can purchase any course with 65% off with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY13. Click here for their top marketing courses. Every link has our affiliate code appended! If you click through on our … Continue reading

Infographic: The Ultimate Email Marketing Cheatsheet

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Email Cheatsheet Preview

There are many strategies and habits to choose from when thinking about your approach to email and content marketing. Many top-performing email marketers exercise distinct tactics like strategy, timing, testing, and overall design optimization, but what tactic delivers the best results? Which should you focus on more than another? With average performers spending most of their time on creative development (23%) versus top performers dedicating more of their overall time to strategy (22%), it’s clear that delivery can matter as much as—if not more than—the content you’re providing. Consider, for … Continue reading

Infographic: Why Video Marketing Drives Sales

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I believe there will be a day that the average website will have video integrated carefully into every page and nearly every post that is published. The costs of recording, publishing and distributing video content has dropped significantly, making it affordable to nearly any business. That said, you still want to impress your visitors and avoid crappy audio, mixing, recording or production. Video has the ability to be a powerful tool for B2B sales objectives due to its ability to educate, build trust and confidence in your team, products and … Continue reading

Why Medium.com Is Critical for Your Marketing Strategy

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The best tools for online marketing are constantly changing. In order to keep up with the times, you need to keep your ear to the ground, to pick up the newest and most effective tools for audience building and traffic conversion. SEO blogging strategies emphasize the importance of “white hat” content and sharing, so you can leverage business blogs, authority websites, and Twitter to build your digital reputation. The Medium web app is currently generating tremendous buzz because it has the capability to bring the right kinds of audiences to … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel Loved

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customer service love

Customer service best practices require a lot more than a smile, although that’s certainly a good start. Happy customers lead to repeat business, increased positive reviews (which boosts local SEO), and increased social signals with positive sentiment (which boots overall organic search visibility), and no company can exist without their customers. Here are five easy ways to ensure your customers feel loved. 1. Ask the Right Questions Every company should ask this question daily: What can be done to make things easier for the customer? It might be online live … Continue reading

iPad: MTB Readers Get 3 Months Free of .bizMarketing Magazine

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bizMarketing Magazine

If you’ve not read .bizMarketing yet on your iPad, it’s time! We love supporting other mediums that are promoting great strategies and educating marketers with best practices and solid advice. Each month, you’ll find articles from the Marketing Technology Blog shared there as well! The publishers of .bizMarketing magazine have extended a VIP offer to Marketing Technology Blog readers to get 3 months off of your annual subscription! bizMarketing Magazine provides online businesses and marketing professionals with a wide variety of topical articles designed to keep you abreast of the … Continue reading

Save $50 on Your MarketingProfs PRO Membership

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If you’ve not checked out some of the amazing benefits and courses available through MarketingProfs, you really should. For more than 10 years, MarketingProfs has shown professionals what really works – and what doesn’t – in the marketplace today. Basic Membership includes access to a rich library of articles and newsletters. PRO Membership adds how-to seminars, short Take 10 webcasts, inspiring Case Study Collections, handy SmartTools, and more. Join today, and learn why more than 492,000 professionals rely on MarketingProfs to help them build marketing programs that work. Join today … Continue reading

Social Marketing ROAD Map Handbook

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Social Marketing ROAD Map

Based on the ROAD Map methodology, MarketingSherpa’s Social Marketing ROAD Map handbook is a step-by-step guide to mapping your social marketing strategy. It is loaded with research-based insights on proven practices, hands-on worksheets and checklists, and social marketing case studies featuring the real life successes of marketers like you. ROAD is an acronym for the following four elements: Research – Gather intelligence on target audiences, social use and competition Objectives – Define objectives aligned with target audiences and social metrics Actions – Create a social marketing strategy with a tactical … Continue reading

How to Optimize Your YouTube Video

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We’ve continued to work on our optimization guide for our clients. While we audit and provide our clients with what’s wrong and why it’s wrong, it’s imperative that we also provide the guidance on how to correct the issues. When we audit our clients, we’re always surprised at the the minimal effort put into to enhance their YouTube presence and the associated information with the videos they upload. Here’s a breakdown of what we look for when reviewing a client’s YouTube videos: YouTube Video Optimization Video Title – Your video … Continue reading