Togather: Fansourcing for Authors

Togather: Fansourcing for Authors
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When you’re writing a book – especially your first – you quickly learn that you are the chief marketing officer and promotions expert for your book. It’s not your publisher’s responsibility but they don’t always tell you that. I assumed when I wrote my corporate blogging book that the marketing was all part of the package. Oops. Quite honestly, by the time I figured that out, it was too late.

Togather is a free, online fansourcing platform that brings authors and audiences together.

Author and eBook Marketing professional Jim Kukral pointed me to this new service in his most recent newsletter. This is a fantastic idea… now I can put my travel schedule up on the web and then have folks interested in meeting, speaking or having me speak set it up. It’s a fantastic idea given the fact that many authors travel so much.

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