Increase the Chances Your Content Goes Viral with these 5 Tactics


We’ve shared other infographics on the elements of viral content and I’m always hesitant at pushing viral as a strategy. Viral content can bring brand awareness – we see that often with videos. However, I’ve never seen anyone hit it out of the park every time. Some try to hard, some fall short… it’s truly a combination of talent and luck that skyrockets your content … Continue reading

Video Marketing Handbook


I was telling someone the other day that I envision a day where every single web page for a website will have a corresponding video or series of videos. Perhaps it will be the opposite… every video throughout a series of videos on a site will have corresponding web pages. Either way, the Internet is quickly changing and video is being implemented successfully as part … Continue reading

The Economics of Going Viral


I’m not a fan of companies risking it all on trying to go viral… most can’t get the formula down and risk too much. That doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on the huge growth in viral videos, though. One HUGE statistic on this infographic from Masters in Marketing, The Economics of Going Viral, stands out… the advertising. Purchase consideration/intent increases 14.3% by the third viewing … Continue reading

Anatomy of Going Viral

Viral Marketing Infographic

Having seen ten times as many viral strategies die than survive, I’m not sure I’m a huge believer that there’s some sort of viral winning algorithm. True that some agencies are much better than others… but I don’t believe that anyone can promise a viral strategy… unless they put up some BIG money and prizes to support it. That said, there are some common traits … Continue reading

Very Few Can Master Viral like This!


Congratulations to JCPenney on this fantastic viral campaign. The Doghouse website has even more features and the video in high resolution. Check out the audio on the Get Out of the Dog House Page. Note: One minor improvement I would have made would have been to have an embedded share tag so folks don’t have to search the web!