Infographic: Video Engagement by Device

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Video Engagement by Device

With video continuing to be on the rise, you might think that behavior doesn’t differ very much from device to device. However, there’s actually quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. Ooyala released a quarterly report that analyzed viewing behavior among it’s 100 million users. Wistiya has released this infographic that illustrates the data findings.

Google Docs Explained

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Google Docs has really been a blessing for the company I work for. We’re a young company of 5 (just hired our fifth!) and we don’t have a server or shared network appliance. Quite honestly, we don’t need one. When I started, all documentation was simply passed around via email and quickly became confusing! I fired up Google Docs and started saving documents… then we moved to Google Apps and we now maintain all of our shared documentation in it. We have team members in Dallas, San Jose, and in … Continue reading

Did Common Craft bag Google?

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I love Common Craft videos. The fact is that simplicity sells, and Common Craft has a great niche delivering videos that explain technology simply using video and audio. Google Mobile had a video on their blog today that looks very much like a Common Craft production. If it’s not a Common Craft production, Google definitely has some explaining to do! I didn’t see Google on the client list although there are other Google-specific videos out there by Common Craft. As well, I found it interesting that this video doesn’t have … Continue reading

Video: Don’t Miss the Turkey Drop!

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Perhaps one of the funniest scenes ever in television history, who can possibly forget the WKRP Turkey Drop?! (No smart comments from the young folks! All kidding aside, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. I’m not sure how Turkeys actually came to be the dinner of choice… historically I believe it was Venison. No matter what you eat or who you’re eating with, I hope you find something (or everything) in your life worth looking up to the sky over and giving thanks. I’m absolutely thankful for … Continue reading