Using Content Marketing Strategies in B2B Emails


There are times when marketers closely follow convention and I think it’s a great idea. For instance, having help or content links on the top right of your site, next or submit buttons on the bottom right, and centering sites to accommodate varying viewports. At other times, it really doesn’t make sense though and I believe this Infographic provides a great example. Business to Business … Continue reading

As Predicted, 2013 Holiday Sales Went Mobile


It wasn’t a surprise, given smartphone adoption, that mobile was going to have a huge impact on this year’s holiday sales. Social media is having more of an impact, but it pales in comparison to mobile’s impact. Of the sales that occurred, 38% of the online traffic came from smartphones and tablets according to IBM Digital. 21% of all online sales were made from those … Continue reading

Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Wishpond created this infographic that illustrates the results of Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. In the report, you’ll find: What social platforms marketers will focus on in the future The top social media questions marketers want answered How much time marketers invest with social media activities The top benefits of social media marketing and how time invested affects results The most … Continue reading

Aggregate Statistics Can Steer You Wrong


It’s been almost 20 years since I started in the media business. I’m thankful for opportunities that put me at the forefront of database marketing technologies back then. I’m also thankful that we quickly discovered database mining. Most of the tools at the time provided us with aggregate statistics across the entire database. But these aggregate statistics can really steer you wrong. With aggregate views … Continue reading

JavaScript: Dynamically Generated Time List


I’m not a programmer, but I get to program quite a bit. Today it was for an interface prototype where we would dynamically generate a list dropdown with times at 5 minute intervals. These time ranges can change based on the day selected (imagine selecting a date to return times to set an appointment… each day would have different times available). Rather than having to … Continue reading