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Optimizing a Linkedin Profile for Social Selling

Social Selling Profile

We recently shared the challenges with social selling – most of them centered around inadequate training and strategies. As with inbound marketing, social selling isn’t simply providing a means of engagement, it’s also leaving the necessary information for the prospect to do their own research. Social selling incorporates three specific elements …

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SumoMe: Lead Generation for Your Site… with Great Support


I was recently reading Jeff Goins’ website and noticed a few integrations that I hadn’t recognized with his WordPress site. I used WordPress Theme Search to do some research. Jeff uses a plugin called SumoMe made by AppSumo. When I checked all of the features of SumoMe, I was impressed. …

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Raven Tools: Research, Monitor, Manage & Report


A few years ago I utilized Raven Tools. It was a solid package that integrated several reporting packages into a single interface. Quite clunky at the time and totally focused on SEO, I opted for other packages that provided a broader look at our clients’ online marketing performance. Raven Tools …

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