Infographic: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Facebook Contests

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Love stinks (says the old, fat, single guy)… so you may as well put a great holiday like this to use by ramping up your Facebook Contests. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us… the ultimate commercial holiday that everyone most spend money on, heh. If you’ve been meaning to host a Facebook contest for your fans but haven’t gotten around to planning one yet, this infographic from the folks at ShortStack has you covered. Many of them can be hosted right on your brand’s Timeline. If you want to quickly … Continue reading

Infographic: The Surprising Words That Get Top Content Shared

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Recently, I wrote about 2 key elements that article titles should incorporate if they wish to be clicked on and read. Some words don’t just impact what folks read, it can also impact what folks share! This infographic from ShortStack provides data collected from Iris Shoor, Leo Widrich and Scott Ayres. Words that get content shared Blog Posts – Surprising, Science, Critical Twitter – Top, Follow, Please Facebook – Advises, Amazes, Inspires

Infographic: Super Festive Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas

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ShortStack analyzed more than 50,000 active Facebook Pages and 300,000 custom Facebook Page apps that serve more than 1.4 billion Facebook fans and, among the things they discovered: Engagement in December increases by as much as 66 percent on custom Facebook Page apps! Other data they uncovered about brands using Facebook Page apps during the month of December: Brands see a 66% increase in contest submissions Brands see a 57% increase in custom Facebook Page app shares Brands see a 47% increase in custom Facebook Page app views Brands see … Continue reading

Infographic: 25 Awesome Social Media Tools

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It’s important to note that social media platforms are quite different in their goals and features. This infographic from the 2013 Social Media Strategies Summit breaks down the categories nicely. When planning a company social strategy, the sheer number of available tools for social media management can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled 25 great tools to get you and your team started, categorized into 5 types of tools: Social Listening, Social Conversation, Social Marketing, Social Analytics and Social Influencer. It’s great to see our sponsor, Meltwater Buzz, topping the list of … Continue reading

Infographic: Elements of a Perfect Facebook Contest App

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Facebook Contest App

The first thing most business owners do when they want to increase engagement and Likes on their Facebook Pages is create a contest app. Yet so many people are confused not only by Facebook’s complicated rules, but by how to create an app that actually does what they hope it will. Creating the perfect app is both an art and a science, ShortStack‘s new infographic will help you make sure you’ve got everything you need in the mix. This infographic was created to show you just what you need to … Continue reading

Infographic: Successful Strategies for Social Enticement

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Best Way to Engage Users

We’ve written about ShortStack in the past and today they sent over a nice note with a helpful infographic. Can you guess the best way to motivate users to spur engage with your brand or business? You got it: contests! That’s what ShortStack found when they did a survey of more than 800 users. (PS: That’s our affiliate link) That result didn’t surprise us — because we see every day how contests can increase Likes and inspire sharing. What surprised us was that 38% of respondents who participated in our … Continue reading