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My Online Marketing Checklist in Prioritized Order

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There’s a ton of things that need accomplished to fully leverage an online marketing strategy, but I’m often amazed at the priority that companies place each item on the checklist. As we take on new clients, we’re looking to ensure the strategies with the most impact are accomplished first… especially …

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PPC versus SEO: Spy vs. Spy


Does anyone remember the old Spy vs. Spy comics?  Funny stuff! Each Spy always scheming to outdo the other. There is a similar business mindset today when companies are considering a search engine marketing strategy. Business’s immediately pick sides: Pay Per Click (PPC) versus Organic Search (SEO). The goal of …

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Can’t versus Won’t

I’ve isolated many of the problems that I’ve found in businesses to can’t versus won’t. I love working with can’t. I hate working with won’t. Can’t can mean a lot of things. Can’t can be due to resources, regulations, education or authority. When you haven’t accomplished a goal because it …

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