Human Cost of Data Analysis

Data in Dollars Infographic

No doubt that data analysis has an incredible return on investment… but without the necessary tools, things get expensive quickly. We’ve been doing keyword and competitive analysis for one of our clients for over 3 weeks now – combining a ton of data, over 100,000 keywords, and prioritizing it manually. That’s expensive and we’re constantly searching for the next BI tool to help us minimize … Continue reading

Email List Rental, What You Need to Know

Email List Rental

Frequently maligned and often misunderstood, email list rental is a widely accepted marketing practice that can provide a potent ROI, if you know what to look for and respect the inbox. If you?re unfamiliar or unimpressed with renting an email list here?s the lowdown on the benefits as well as its key differentiating factors and considerations. Continue reading

Robocalls- We won’t miss them!


We all get them, and almost universally hate them, the annoying call promoting some product or event that plays a recording or, even worse, speaks to you in a mechanical voice.  Well, the FTC has enacted new rules and regulations regarding the placing of these calls.  Jon Leibowitz, Chairman of the FTC, had some pretty harsh words on the subject. American consumers have made it … Continue reading

It’s Not Getting Easier for Marketers


Key to many of the links I share and the posts I write on this blog is automation. The reason is simple… at one time, marketers could easily sway consumers with a brand, a logo, a jingle and some nice packaging (I admit that Apple is still great at this). Mediums were uni-directional. In other words, Marketers could tell the story and consumers or B2B … Continue reading

Callcenter Suicide


On Saturday, we worked with a call center and one of our clients. I had that fuzzy, gut feeling that it wasn’t going to go well. My gut was right. While we had our application complete and resources sitting idle for months, the callcenter didn’t touch anything. We had a demo and only their developer showed up. The client called the callcenter and asked what … Continue reading