Reachli: The Visual Advertising Network

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We’ve shared other content recommendation systems like Outbrain. What if your content isn’t textual in nature, though, and it’s more visual – like coupons, informational graphics, sales graphics, calls-to-action or photographs? Reachli is a visual advertising network. Reachli has over 70,000 advertisers that get over 3.5 million views on a monthly basis! Reachli has a proprietary pair-and-match technology uses keyword, context, and photo matching algorithms to pair any existing image on the web with the most relevant and engaging in-image ad. And if you’re a publisher with a great following … Continue reading

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

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How to Publish a Book

In preparation for our interview with Guy Kawasaki, I purchased a copy of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book. I’ve read the majority of Guy Kawasaki’s books and have been a fan for quite some time (be sure to tune into the interview for the first time he tweeted to me… funny story!). This book is quite different, though… it’s a detailed step-by-step instruction book on how to self-publish your ebook. Authors Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch begin APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur with the true story on Guy’s … Continue reading

Email Newsletter Monetization: Two Viable Options for Bloggers and Small Publishers

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Email Monetization

Influence is no longer the exclusive domain of large publishers. Eyeballs and marketing dollars are being diverted toward an army of small, niche publishers; be they content curators, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. Given the increased demand, these micro-publishers are rightfully looking for ways to thoughtfully profit from their audience, and their effort. Profit in Email Newsletters Along with other with the monetization tactics that they currently use, like website display ads and social media sponsorships, today’s specialty publishers have a couple of noteworthy options for monetizing their email newsletters too. Monetization of … Continue reading

Our Verified Author Links Result in a 484% Higher Click-Through Rate

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If you’re a publisher, SEO professional or a CMS platform, you should already have implemented a means for verified ownership. Authorship has been around for a few months and has gone through some fine-tuning, resulting in a great feature that really enhances your search engine visibility. In fact, I’d question any SEO company that’s not pushing their clients to ensure they have accomplished this. I’ve written about verified ownership and how to implement rich snippets in WordPress. It’s not as easy as dropping in a plugin (yet), but it is … Continue reading

Your Analytics is Missing the Mark

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Screen shot 2011-01-15 at 11.43.02 PM

On Friday, I spoke at eduDEV, a conference of University educators and marketing departments, about the use of Analytics. Much of the audience utilize Google Analytics, so the presentation was modified for it. Rather than do another boring presentation on Google Analytics, I wanted to provide the audience with an impact of what their analytics applications were missing and what other tools were out there to fill the gaps. The tools that I made mention of in my Analytics presentation: Google Analytics URL Builder – a simple tool to generate … Continue reading

The Problem with Web 3.0

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Categorizing, filtering, tagging, collecting, querying, indexing, structuring, formatting, highlighting, networking, following, aggregating, liking, tweeting, searching, sharing, bookmarking, digging, stumbling, sorting… it’s downright painful. In December, I predicted that 2010 would be the year of filtering, personalization and optimization. I’m not sure we’re even close yet – we might be years off. The bottom line is that we need it now, though. The noise is already deafening. If you don’t see the video, watch Web 3.0 on the blog. Google is still just a search engine, only providing you dumb data … Continue reading

Google Webmaster Central Gets a Serious Upgrade

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While working with a client this morning, I logged into Google Webmaster Central to take a look at the top search queries driving traffic. What I discovered was one heck of a useful upgrade! Rather than simply providing keywords, positions and click-throughs, Google has upgraded the interface to a Google Analytics-style interface. Since ranking now varies based on personal search profiles, Google now provides you with the range of positions your URL was found in, as well as total number of impressions and the click-through rate. Too many companies ignore … Continue reading

Google Local Business for Local Search

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Google Local Business

Last April, I did a post about Google Local business. This weekend, I picked up my daughter from her hair appointment. The salon was beautiful and the folks working there were fantastic. The owner asked me what I did for a living and I told him I helped companies with their online marketing. We were standing at a computer and he shared with me that his point of sales provider also did his website. I asked him to search on Google for “Hair Stylist, Greenwood, IN“. Up popped up a … Continue reading

You’ll Find Much Better SEO Copywriting Resources Than This

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It’s always difficult when a publisher sends you a free book. Bloggers are a fantastic investment for publishers, I’m sure. If I receive a book in the mail at no cost, I’m compelled to both read it and to decide whether or not to recommend it. I recently received Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web by Jon Wuebben. I could not wait to dive into this book and find some comprehensive reading on both improving my writing skills and understanding the nuances of how search engines … Continue reading