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Email Newsletter Monetization: Two Viable Options for Bloggers and Small Publishers

Email Monetization

Influence is no longer the exclusive domain of large publishers. Eyeballs and marketing dollars are being diverted toward an army of small, niche publishers; be they content curators, bloggers, vloggers, or podcasters. Given the increased demand, these micro-publishers are rightfully looking for ways to thoughtfully profit from their audience, and …

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Google Webmaster Central Gets a Serious Upgrade

While working with a client this morning, I logged into Google Webmaster Central to take a look at the top search queries driving traffic. What I discovered was one heck of a useful upgrade! Rather than simply providing keywords, positions and click-throughs, Google has upgraded the interface to a Google …

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Marketing Spending is Shifting to Search

I was just speaking at a regional Sharp Minds event and explaining Search Engine Dominance in Web 2.0. Much of business blogging’s success and the move into the social media for corporations has been driven by Search Engines. It’s not enough to build a cool site and wait for it …

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Video: Blogs in Plain English

Another great video from Common Craft found via Ade’s blog: Some constructive criticism, though… this video really missed the boat on the technology behind blogging – things like pings, trackbacks and search engine optimization. Blogging is the High Octane Fuel for the Search Engine What the video does not speak …

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What if Bloggers went on Strike?

When I write a post like this, I feel like I’m certain to anger the Google Powers-that-be. My blog’s ability to be ‘found’ is key to its success. In fact, over half of my visitors come from search engines on a daily basis, the majority from Mother Google. I work …

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Find the Right Words

If you’d like to maximize your Search Engine results, one of the key strategies is the use of synonyms and pluralities throughout key elements of your blog post. Knowing what people are actually searching for is a challenging, but fruitful exercise in ensuring your content will be found. There are …

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