Infographic: Pew Research of Online Activity

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Infographic of Pew Research Activity Online

What are people doing online? This infographic tells the answer… compiling 3 years of data from the Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking Survey from 2009, 2010 and 2011. The comprehensive research walks through entertainment, social networking, finances, news, business, shopping, research and shopping! Almost 80 percent of American Adults use the Internet. Have you ever wondered what they’re doing online? Are they emailing, online shopping, or streaming YouTube videos? Find out below. What do people do the most online? Send or read email. What do people do the … Continue reading

Hacking WordPress: Removing Nofollow from the Source

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I had an intermittent problem with my comments where the actual comment text was not appearing. I finally tracked it down to the Dofollow plugin and removed it today. I still actually want to rid my site of rel=nofollow on authors and comments, though. If you would like to read why, here’s a post on what rel=”nofollow” is and how it works. NOTE: Before you edit any code in WordPress, be sure to back it up first! I’m not responsible if your site gets hosed up. Today I dug into … Continue reading