Infographic: Cyber Monday Goes Mobile

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We’ve shared a ton of infographics on the benefits of mobile commerce and already provided some evidence that, this holiday season, mobile commerce – or mcommerce – was going to be huge. It truly disappoint! Since its creation in 2005, Cyber Monday has grown to become the single biggest online shopping day of the year. Online shopping this holiday season is expect- ed to grow by as much as 15% topping over $2 billion. Targeted advertising on native social platforms like Facebook and increased mobile usage are at the heart … Continue reading

Infographic: Holiday Guide to Mobile Marketing

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Black Friday is almost here and 55% of consumers utilize a shopping app on their smartphone each week! We already shared a few infographics on holiday shopping and mobile like Why Your Business Should be Mobile-Ready for the Holidays and The Rise of Mobile Commerce, and the Benefit to Marketers. This infographic from Blue Chip Marketing provides data on just what kind of strategies those mobile users are looking for. Understanding the location, the time of day, the demographics of your user can help drive quite mobile purchases. And providing … Continue reading

Infographic: Why Your Business Should be Mobile-Ready for the Holidays

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With Small Business Saturday and Black Friday coming up, this infographic seeks to explain why it’s so important to get your business mobile-ready for the holidays. Here are Six Reasons to Get Your Business Mobile-Ready for the Holidays from Tamara Weintraub, Content Marketing Manager, ReachLocal. Consumers Rely on Mobile They Look for Local Information They Use Mobile Search They Want Holiday Deals They Shop on Multiple Devices. They Read Email on Mobile Mobile Marketing is incredibly valuable and necessary for any small business today. 65% of US consumers own a … Continue reading

Infographic: The Rise of Mobile Commerce, and the Benefit to Marketers

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Baynote_mCommerce_FINAL 2

Now that consumers can make online purchases anytime, and in any place that has a mobile signal or wifi, the most successful companies are optimizing their mobile platforms to meet their customers’ needs. Only a few years ago, retailers were beginning to think email marketing was a dying approach, but the recent boom in M-commerce is proving quite the opposite. In fact, for every $1 invested in email marketing, the average return is $44.25, and fifty percent of all unique opens for retail sites happen on smartphones and tablets.  Mobile … Continue reading

ShoutEm: Mobile Apps and Whitelabeled Mobile Apps

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ShoutEm offers a mobile application platform that has a variety of options for business, agencies and enterprise. ShoutEm apps offer content management, smartphone and tablet app builders, user engagement tools, monetization options and seemless publishing processes. Agencies can build high-quality mobile apps at a fraction of the cost of custom development with ShoutEm’s white label solution. Adobe and eMarketer findings reveal that online shoppers give an advantage of tablet devices over smartphones when purchasing online. ShoutEm released the graphic above. At this point, there’s no doubt that a mobile application … Continue reading

Infographic: Five Digital Trends Shaking Up Europe

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Big data, multi-channel, mobile and social media are all impacting online buying behaviors. While this infographic is focused on Europe, the rest of the world isn’t too different. Big data is helping ecommerce providers predict purchase behavior and helping to present product offerings across channels – increasing conversion rates and upselling consumers. A McKinsey iConsumer survey spotlights 5 key digital consumption trends in e-commerce, mobile, multichannel, social media, and big data. The difficult part, of course, isn’t simply how companies utilize big data and how they market across channels, it’s … Continue reading

Infographic: Impact of Mobile and Tablet Gifting

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Tablet Gifting

While we’re seeing a huge increase in the use of mobile devices for researching purchases and measuring subsequent increases in shopping purchases via mobile and tablet device, many of those purchases aren’t for the owner of the device. Mobile gifting is a growing category – taken advantage of by everyone from Amazon and Facebook. During the holiday season, thousands of mobile devices were sold and gifted, and the immediate activation and use of these new devices created an impact on the mobile market. This special report examines the effect of … Continue reading

Flint: Mobile Payment Processing Using the Camera

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Flint Payment Processing

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most sense. While everyone ran to make card-readers and dongles for mobile devices… the folks at Flint wondered why we didn’t just use the camera. The system identifies and transmits the card’s number through the camera but doesn’t actually store a local photo of the numbers. Flint Features: No Card Reader – Just use the Flint app to securely scan the card instead of swiping it through a card reader or dongle. Keyed entry mode also supported. Hassle-Free Setup – Get started … Continue reading