The iPad Effect

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There’s something going on with the way I’ve been interacting online. As an avid reader and one who sits in front of a screen at least 8 hours a day, I’m finding that my behavior has changed significantly over the last year. I used to bring my laptop everywhere with me… now I don’t. If I’m working, I’m either at my office on a big screen or at home on a big screen. If I’m checking email or on the run, I’m often on my iPhone. But as I’m reading, … Continue reading

Infographic: Pre-Purchase Habits of Shoppers

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Pre-purchase Tablet Habits

The other night I had my shopping cart full on with a brand new MacBook Pro with retina display. My finger literally hovered over the purchase button. My current MacBook Pro is still a great machine but it’s really starting to feel slow compared to all the new Macs coming out. At the time, I was watching a television show describing the MacBook Pro and I was on my iPad. As I start to think about my online buying habits, that seems to be the norm… I browse and … Continue reading

Does Advertising in Social Games Work?

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Lifestreet Media

In terms of eyeballs and attention spans, no single distribution channel might compete with social gaming. People across the world spend about 200 million minutes a day playing Angry Birds. Zynga’s new game, Cityville, attracted 100 million users in its first month alone. Marketers may try to snatch a piece of the gaming pie by slipping in some casual games featuring their brands, but chances are that such games would always pale in comparison to the bestsellers that have received widespread acceptance and popularity. What is the best way for … Continue reading

Infographic: Top Tech Trends of 2011

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2011 Technology Trends

The folks at G+ (not to be confused with Google+) have developed this infographic on the top technology trends of online for 2011. The list is topped with Group Buying, a technology that exploded earlier in the year and has now become a feature that virtually every community has copied and incorporated into their strategy. Geolocation applications, tablets, cloud-based productivity apps, online video in Enterprise, Online Q&A (including our clients at ChaCha!), Crowdfunding, and Mobile Photo Sharing Apps topped the list: According to their site: G+ is a community where … Continue reading

MTB Now Available on Google Currents

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Google Currents - Marketing Technology Blog

If you’ve got a Smartphone or Tablet, viewing websites can be a bit challenging. Google comes to the rescue with Google Currents. Google Currents is Google Reader on steroids, even allowing publishers to optimize their content and organize it using their Google Currents Producer. Be sure to subscribe to the Marketing Technology blog on Google Currents. We’ve got all of our sections segmented out, our radio show, videos and even our Google+ content!

Infographic: 2011 Holiday Shopping Statistics

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2011 Holiday Shopping Infographic

We posted an infographic on Black Friday, and one on Cyber Monday… here comes an infographic with some early stats on the successful holiday season. Of course, where you find money you find crooks -and cybercrime is no different this holiday season. With holiday retail sales up this year… and many of those purchases coming by way of mobile device or tablet, Zonealarm has published this inforgraphic with 8 tips to keep online consumers safe. 70 percent of tablet owners will use their devices for holiday shopping this year. They … Continue reading