Infographic: How Users Interact with Pinterest

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Pinterest Interaction

This week I was invited to be on a panel speaking to regional creatives (audio is here) in a meetup with Pattern Magazine. Perhaps more than any other group, creatives have an incredible opportunity to take advantage of visual social mediums like Vine, Instagram or Pinterest. This visual guide details how users are interacting with pins, boards, other users and brands on Pinterest. From Wishpond Early statistics on Pinterest spoke about the rapid adoption by crafters, artists and fashionistas. However, when we started our Marketing Infographic board, we were and … Continue reading

Fix Caching Issues with Flash, JavaScript, XML, KML or Google Maps

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This is a short and sweet post on caching issues. Sites and browsers are built to really optimize resources. They do it so well sometimes that the end result actually breaks your dynamic website instead of updating it as often as you’d like. Today I was working with JW Player, a Flash Movie player that pulls in a list of movies via an XML file. The problem is that we’re always updating the file with new webinars and training classes. If our clients continued to come to the page each … Continue reading