Social Reactor: 7,000 Social Influencers at Your Ready

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ChaCha is a great company that I worked with for quite a while when I first launched my agency. It’s hard to believe that ChaCha is 8 years old… the company is agile and is constantly moving and improving. They’re not a Valley company, so they aren’t always in the spotlight – but they do always stick in the top websites in the world for traffic. And over time, I’ve seen them accumulate a huge following. That following sparked a new opportunity for the business. While ChaCha tapped into their … Continue reading

Infographic: What Influences a Purchase Decision?

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The science behind when people make a purchase decision is quite amazing. Bigcommerce is a very popular Software as a Service (SaaS) ecommerce and shopping cart platform. Bigcommerce gives you a plethora of securely hosted e-commerce tools, including website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, CRM, email accounts, marketing tools, reporting and mobile-optimized store. They recently developed an infographic providing details on what influences a purchase decision. We cover the top 10 factors influencing a purchasing decision, the most important store features, the impact of social media … Continue reading

Understanding the Value of Influence

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We recently had a company who wanted us to help promote their platform to investors, key people in the industry, and clients. The company didn’t have the funds to acquire our services so we requested some exclusivity and a percentage of the revenue or profit that may come from the growth or sale of the company. It’s not going to happen. They couldn’t imagine that we were asking for so much for such little effort on our part. Accessing Influence Aside from the risk of not ever getting compensated for … Continue reading

We Should Stop Saying Influential When We Mean Popular

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I saw it again today… another 2012 Influencer List. I couldn’t get through the entire list, though, because I was too busy raking my nails down my face and pulling my hair out. It wasn’t an influencer list at all, it was just another popularity list. To be certain that we all understand the difference, let’s go ahead and define the two: Popular: Liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group. Influential: Having great influence on someone or something. For you marketers out there, … Continue reading

Marketing Strategy Losers and Winners of 2012

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2012 Winners and Losers

As we begin to look back at the last year, I believe it’s important to get a clear picture of what marketing strategies are growing… both in popularity and results. It’s also important to recognize the strategies that had marketers running in circles and not really producing the results they were looking for or needed. Marketing Strategy Losers of 2012 Backlinking – One of our more controversial and popular posts in 2012 was announcing that SEO is dead. While many SEO consultants simply freaked out after reading the title, the … Continue reading

Tellagence: Social Marketing Intelligence

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Social Marketing Intelligence

Marketers tend to treat social media as they would other traditional media. Find where the most eyeballs are and chase them. The difference is huge, though. Within social networks, there are three activities: Observation – an audience that simply follows and captures the information for their own personal use. Interaction – a community that responds and provides feedback to the information that’s distributed. Promotion – people within the audience or community who share the information with their audience and/or community. For companies interacting in social media, these activities are difficult … Continue reading

It’s Never As Simple as Fans and Followers

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Klout Score

Attention social media marketers: number of followers is not a strong indicator of influence. Sure… it’s obvious and easy – but it’s also lazy. The number of fans or followers often has nothing to do with a person or company’s ability to influence others. Seven Characteristics of Influence Online The influencer must primarily be engaged in relevant conversations. An actor with a bajillion followers won’t necessarily mean that they can influence others regarding your product or service. The influencer should engage frequently and recently in conversations about the relevant topic. … Continue reading