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The Surprising Science Behind Influence and Persuasion


I’ve been vocal about my disdain on the latest panacea of how influence marketing is being sold online. While I believe influencers have great reach and some influence, I don’t believe that they have the power of persuasion independent of other factors. Influence marketing still requires a strategy beyond throwing …

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MutualMind: Social Listening, Analytics, and Visualization


MutualMind helps companies listen to discussions on the social web, gauge sentiment, track competitors, identify influencers, engage with their audience, collaborate with their team on social workflow and measure the ROI of your social media initiatives. Key Benefits of MutualMind Social Listening – listen based on keywords, channels or a …

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Marketing Strategy Losers and Winners of 2012

2012 Winners and Losers

As we begin to look back at the last year, I believe it’s important to get a clear picture of what marketing strategies are growing… both in popularity and results. It’s also important to recognize the strategies that had marketers running in circles and not really producing the results they …

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