Infographic: The #Hashtag Guide

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We’ve written about the importance of using hashtags when you’re using Twitter, but it’s a methodology that’s spread through other platforms as well. Most notably, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ have added support… with Facebook right around the corner! Simply put, hashtags are a simple way to denote a key word, phrase or topic within your text. By preceding your text with a pound sign, you make the content easier to search for and find. For marketers, it’s a required strategy – many professionals scour these sites in search of people, … Continue reading

13 Tools for Hashtag Research and Management

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Hashtag was the word of the year, there was a baby named Hashtag, and the word was outlawed in France (mot-dièse). Hashtags continue to have benefits for use in social media – especially as their use has expanded from Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook. If you’d like some hashtag basics, see the Hashtag Guide that we’ve published. Just as a keyword is essential for finding information online, hashtags are important as well. We’ve written about what a hashtag is in the past. People and businesses utilize hashtags to get found, … Continue reading

It’s Not Getting Easier for Marketers

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Key to many of the links I share and the posts I write on this blog is automation. The reason is simple… at one time, marketers could easily sway consumers with a brand, a logo, a jingle and some nice packaging (I admit that Apple is still great at this). Mediums were uni-directional. In other words, Marketers could tell the story and consumers or B2B consumers had to accept it… regardless of how accurate was. Marketers had 3 channels of national television, local radio, the newspaper, billboards, conferences, the (original) … Continue reading