15 Tools for Hashtag Research and Management


Hashtag was the word of the year, there was a baby named Hashtag, and the word was outlawed in France (mot-dièse). Hashtags continue to have benefits for use in social media – especially as their use has expanded from Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook. If you’d like some hashtag basics, see the Hashtag Guide that we’ve published. Ever wonder who used the first hashtag? You … Continue reading

PPC + Organic = More Clicks

Organic and Paid Search

Even though it’s a self-serving piece, Google Research has developed this infographic to provide evidence of how click-through rates change when an organic search result is accompanied by a paid search advertisement. Pairing up the two can help your marketing from two different angles… providing a little more real estate to click on on the search engine results page. The other reason, which may be … Continue reading