Infographic: Cyber Monday Goes Mobile

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We’ve shared a ton of infographics on the benefits of mobile commerce and already provided some evidence that, this holiday season, mobile commerce – or mcommerce – was going to be huge. It truly disappoint! Since its creation in 2005, Cyber Monday has grown to become the single biggest online shopping day of the year. Online shopping this holiday season is expect- ed to grow by as much as 15% topping over $2 billion. Targeted advertising on native social platforms like Facebook and increased mobile usage are at the heart … Continue reading

Infographic: Holiday Ecommerce: Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

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Mobile Tablet and Desktop Conversion Rates

This is a very interesting look at expenditures and conversions this holiday season from the the folks at Monetate. Althought it provides us with clear evidence of an increase in Mobile and Tablet usage for purchases from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it provides a bit more insight into the different behaviors of people utilizing tablets, mobile and desktops. In my opinion, it appears that folks with tablets are already pretty comfortable shopping from them but mobile users may be a bit more hesitant. Perhaps it’s because their intent is … Continue reading

Infographic: 2011 Holiday Shopping Statistics

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2011 Holiday Shopping Infographic

We posted an infographic on Black Friday, and one on Cyber Monday… here comes an infographic with some early stats on the successful holiday season. Of course, where you find money you find crooks -and cybercrime is no different this holiday season. With holiday retail sales up this year… and many of those purchases coming by way of mobile device or tablet, Zonealarm has published this inforgraphic with 8 tips to keep online consumers safe. 70 percent of tablet owners will use their devices for holiday shopping this year. They … Continue reading

2011 Cyber Monday Infographic

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2011 Cyber Monday Infographic

Cyber Monday was named in 2005. Cyber Monday shoppers hit online stores the Monday after Thanksgiving. In 2010, Cyber Monday brought in a billion dollars in revenue, growing 13% over 2009. On Black Friday retailers offer some of their best deals of the year in order to lure in shoppers and shoppers often camp out for hours to score the most popular items. Cyber Monday follows and targets the online shopper. Surprisingly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not the biggest shopping days in the United States… those days are … Continue reading