Recollective: Free Online Surveys and Focus Group Research

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Recollective Baseline is an easy-to-use tool that brings focus group type research online and allows you to connect with your audiences to understand why and how your audiences think and act as they do and uncover new and actionable insights for your business. Audiences include your customers, employees, members, investors, students and social networks. Recollective Baseline brings the process of examining behaviours and emotional reactions through in-person focus groups online and gives you access to the same tool the Pros use. Users of the service seek feedback on unique ideas, … Continue reading

Leger Metrics: Voice of Customer (VoC) Actionable Reporting

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Leger Metrics

Leger Metrics offers a platform to assist your company in a better understanding of how your customer experience drives satisfaction, loyalty and profits across your company. The Voice of Customer (VoC) platform provides you with the tools necessary to capture customer feedback with the following features: Customer Feedback – Invite customer feedback and collect it through mobile, web, SMS, and phone. Reporting and Analytics – Deliver insights to the right people, at the right time in a format that they can act upon. Understanding customer feedback helps you prioritize actions … Continue reading

Evercontact: Update your Contact info with Inbound Email Signatures

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About half an hour ago, a PR person called me to start an online interview… I answered the phone and said, “Hi Rebecca – I’m ready to go!” and she was surprised that I knew who was calling. The reason why I know is that Rebecca had contacted me a few times to coordinate the event and her contact details were automatically added to my Google contacts, and synchronized to my phone. It’s a fantastic service called Evercontact. Evercontact intelligently scans your incoming email and auto-enriches contact details in your … Continue reading

Gainsight: A Customer Insight and Retention Platform

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Gainsight launched the Spring Release of its Customer Success Management platform, which makes it even easier for marketers to get a 360° customer view and collaborate with other customer success stakeholders across the organization using the power of data analytics. At larger companies where many different departments – from sales to product development and marketing – marketers are challenged with disparate data points about customer activity, yet must make a joint effort to keep customers happy and engaged. Here’s how Gainsight assists: Adoption Management module enables recurring revenue businesses to … Continue reading

Contactually: Maximize Your Network ROI

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Managing the relationship with your prospects and clients is most of the battle when it comes to retention and acquisition. While a return on investment is fantastic for our clients, helping them with ideation, platform advice, and even being a connector for industry news, competitive research, other vendors and job applicants is often just as important and valuable to them. The typical CRM has the ability to record your team’s touchpoints – but doesn’t necessarily drive the nuturing home. Contactually aims to help businesses follow up with the right people, … Continue reading

DecideAlready: Capture and Rank Feedback

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We love tools that capture information from customers, but there is really no one-fits-all solution. Sometimes you need different question options, sometimes dynamic question and answer, other times you need personalization. I’ve been asked to be a Judge in Indianapolis’ TechPoint Mira Awards for 2014 and Joshua Hall is utilizing the tool for judges to capture information and vote on each nominee. It’s a great tool that’s another output of the innovative incubators at SproutBox. How DecideAlready Works DecideAlready is a bit different from the rest… it’s a quick (and … Continue reading

Infographic: Highlights of the Social Customer Index Report

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Utilizing social listening software, every day we identify complaints, mistruths, service requests or compliments made to companies that lack any response from the business targeted. (Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar!) While consumers are now dominating social media, businesses are getting worse at responding. According to Sprout Social – 4 out of 5 requests go unanswered! Ouch. These are highlights from the Sprout Social Index Engagement Report, providing insight behind today’s social customers, the rapid growth of inbound consumer engagement and how brands respond. The Sprout Social Index … Continue reading

Amplifinity: Solutions for Brand Advocacy

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Amplifinity enables B2B, B2C and Agencies to deploy brand advocacy strategies. Benefits of brand advocacy programs result in improved customer acquisition, the creation of loyal and accessible brand advocates, and ultimately – to drive sales. Their enterprise platform breaks down into the following areas of focus: Customer Touchpoints – AMP integrates with all of our clients’ touchpoints directly to their enterprise systems – through single sign-on via consumer accounts, dynamic widgets, or simple links. Advocacy Programs – AMP makes it simple to ask your customers to spread the word on … Continue reading

A Look Back at Holiday Shopping in 2013, and What to Keep in Mind for 2014

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Before you set your marketing budgets in stone this year, make sure you take a look back at what we were able to learn from this past year. Understanding some simple data from the 2013 shopping season could help inform the way you interact with, and market to, consumers. To find what helped and hurt consumers’ shopping experience during the 2013 holiday season, Baynote surveyed 1,000 shoppers and compiled the data in the infographic below. When it comes to influencing shoppers, 48% of customers said that ratings and reviews were what made them … Continue reading