Infographic: B2B Marketing Guide to Drive Sales Results

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B2B Social Selling

This infographic from Introhive does a nice job in breaking down tactics to channels for business to business (B2B) marketing efforts that drive sales results. I’m not convinced that the advice here should be literally accepted by every B2B organization, but it does supply some great descriptions as to how the channels can benefit your sales efforts. This resource is meant to help you understand the B2B marketing and sales landscape so you can identify the right strategies and tactics for your organization. After careful analysis and years of experience … Continue reading

Introhive: Plan, Sell and Retain with Social Selling

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Introhive provides an enterprise-view of relationships with customer and prospects to make data driven decisions and actions to improve the sales process. Introhive connects with email, social accounts, and mobile data to collect, score and provide actionable data to increase sales for prospects and customers. Introhive provides the platform necessary to Plan – identify, assign and evaluate your sales rep connections by company, industry and role. Sell – introduce sales reps via current relationships to their target accounts. Integrate with marketing automation platforms to score and prioritize. Retain – identify … Continue reading

Infographic: The Social Marketing Potential of Snapchat

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While marketing strategists have found many successful ways to promote their brands on Facebook and Instagram, there is a powerful app that often gets overlooked: Snapchat. This app has over 26 million active U.S. users with a core audience between ages 13 and 25, but the only way to interact with a user is if they add you. Clothing retailer, Wet Seal, put their Snapchat account in the hands of a 16 year old beauty fashion/beauty blogger for 2 days and watched their account climb 9,000 followers. Some of the … Continue reading

Infographic: 10 Steps to Managing Crisis Communications

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Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.18.58 PM

Have you ever had to deal with a crisis relating to your company? Well, you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming — from the delayed response as to what you’re suppose to say to all of the social mentions coming in to determining whether or not it is a real crisis. But in the midst of the chaos, it is always important to have a plan. We worked with our social monitoring platform sponsors at Meltwater to develop this terrific infographic on the 10 Steps to Managing Crisis Communications. Their … Continue reading

Infographic: LinkedIn Groups for Sales Success

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Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn has long been a solid source for business to business marketers and sales departments to find and connect with their prospects and customers. It’s also a great platform to include in your content strategies. Our advice has long been for sales and marketing professionals to be where the audience is… that audience can often be found on LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves … Continue reading

Serchen: Your Cloud App Ratings and Reviews Site

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The Serchen marketplace services over 10,000 vendors and millions of buyers annually. Their goal is to produce a great database of ratings and reviews that will connect buyers and sellers with the best cloud services and software in the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS categories. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service is a provision model in which an organization outsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, hardware, servers and networking components. The service provider owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client typically … Continue reading

Infographic: The Email and Social Media Jugalbandi

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We recently published an inbound marketing crash course that provides 5 emails sent weekly (subscribe on the tab on our agency site). One of the series of emails focuses totally on email marketing, which we refer to the linchpin of any inbound marketing effort. The creative team at Email Monks have produced this infographic which shows the coupling… or jugalbandi… of email and social and how the two channels support one another. A jugalbandi or jugalbandhi is a performance in Indian classical music, especially the Hindustani classical music, that features … Continue reading

Infographic: The Rise of Vine

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Vine launched a year ago and has had quite a bit of success. Think of Vine as a video version of Twitter, where you record short clips of video and upload them. It’s not surprising that Twitter purchased Vine and integrated playing the videos from Twitter and there applications. When using the app, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, allowing you to do some nifty videos. Here’s a sample of how Marketers are utilizing Vine: Along with the infographic, Tamba has written a post on why … Continue reading

The Right Tool for Influencer or Journalist Outreach

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Find Influencers

Meltwater has been a great sponsor for our blog. We did an international webinar with them on social listening that was jam packed and had a huge response from (you can watch the recording here). And we’re about ready to release our first infographic with them! The sponsorship is focused on their News and Buzz products for traditional and social listening, respectively, but I wanted to bring up an aspect of their News product for Public Relations professionals that makes my life as an influencer a ton easier… Most of … Continue reading