Scribe: Easily Integrate Your Customer Data

Scribe: Easily Integrate Your Customer Data
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Scribe offers integration of your customer data at each touchpoint of the marketing, service and conversion point. The Scribe Online Platform delivers integration and replication services, connectors and SolutionPaks that help customers and partners replicate cloud data to a local database for reporting, analytics or backup, integrate key customer data across critical business systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and support, connect on premise and cloud based CRM and ERP to common applications, and to jumpstart integrations with pre-built mappings for common integration needs.

  • CRM – Scribe, is a leader in CRM integration with expertise in integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Saleslogix with ERP, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce and Field Service systems.
  • ERP – Integrating ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle with other key business applications.
  • Marketing Automation – Scribe has partnered with several Marketing Automation providers to ensure easy integration of those applications with the rest of the business.
  • Ecommerce – streamlining operations, centralizing key transaction data, effective inventory management and closed loop processes are some of the benefits of an integrated Ecommerce platform.
  • Finance – Scribe now offers ways to jumpstart common integrations including QuickBooks, Financial Force and Cowia.
  • Field Service – Integrating Field Service systems with CRM and Marketing Automation solutions ensures Marketing, Sales and Support all have a complete view of the customer, their purchases and their service needs.

Sign up for Scribe Online and you’ll be able to easily configure, connect and deploy your integrations. Scribe offers a 15 day free trial.