Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin

TechnoratiI did some experimentation with the Technorati API recently. I quickly found some limitations with my code that didn’t bode well with the API. The Technorati API has a maximum daily allotment of 500 calls to the Technorati API. The first time I wrote the widget for my sidebar, it actually hit their API each time my page was loaded. (Oops!)

As a result, I did some major rework and rewrote it as a WordPress Plugin! It’s pretty easy to use. Note the Blog Rank in my sidebar.

Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin Version 2


  1. Compatible with WordPress 1.5 through 2.3
  2. Requires SimpleXML Library enabled (default with PHP 5.0+)
  3. Display your rank
  4. Display your authority (on mouseover)
  5. Display a link to your feed address
  6. Display a link to your Technorati page
  7. Display a link to add your site to Technorati favorites
  8. Display a link to Technorati’s Where’s the Fire?

Installation Instructions:

  1. Requires WP2.1 or higher AND PHP5.0 or higher (it utilizes cURL to connect to the API and SimpleXML to parse the XML). If you don’t have PHP5.0 or higher, you can download this version (modeled after Version 1) from Samanathon.
  2. Get your API Key from Technorati
  3. Copy the files to the plugin/technorati-rank directory.
  4. Go to Options > Technorati Rank and fill in your API Key and your Blog’s URL.
  5. Optionally, you can set how often you would like to refresh the Cache. The default is 4 hours.
  6. Once you update the plugin, you should see your blog rank on the Options page along with the snippet to add to your sidebar (or where ever you’d like to put it).

That’s it! Questions or comments welcome. There’s a lot of opportunity to expand this plugin with other Technorati API capabilities. I’ll continue to develop those over time.

Download the Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin
– Current Version 2.0.9

2.0.8: Been having some weird issues lately where the Rank isn’t returned by the Technorati API call. Rather than show no rank, it simply defaults to the last shown rank out of your cache now. If no rank is returned, the cache won’t be updated either.
2.0.7: Corrected an issue where the options page may not have submitted with Internet Explorer.
2.0.6: Modified the style sheet to ensure the font is black for those folks with white text in their sidebar.
2.0.5: Corrected the default cache setting.
2.0.4: Corrected an issue where the cache file was being written to the wrong directory. Now it’s being written to a subfolder called cache within the plugin directory.
2.0.3: I renamed my blog and updated the plugin.
2.0.2: Added support for handling special characters in the blog name.
2.0.1: Made the cache directory configurable. It’s not configurable in the admin interface but can be modified in the plugin code ($cache_dir). The plugin now creates the directory if it does not exist so you don’t get an error.
2.0.0: Totally redesigned the output and pointed to a CSS file in the plugin directory
1.1.1: Added variable for rank blurb
1.1.0: Updated Style tag
1.0.9: Added alternate and title tags to the images for W3C compliance.
1.0.8: I’ve got this caching to the same caching directory that WP-Cache does so that it’s not adding additional folders.


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