Jaiku Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE: Jaiku is long gone and this project is no longer active!Jaiku

I’m a fan of Jaiku and decided to build a Jaiku plugin for WordPress. The Plugin has two features:

  1. You can display your latest Jaiku presence on your WordPress blog. Note the Doug on Jaiku section in my sidebar.
  2. You can actually post to Jaiku from your WordPress blog!


Jaiku Plugin for WordPress

Installation Instructions:

  1. Requires WP2.1 or higher AND PHP5.0 or higher (it utilizes cURL to connect to the API and SimpleXML to parse the XML and display the latest Jaiku post on your site).
  2. Get your API Key from Jaiku (You have to login to your account).
  3. Copy the files to the plugin/jaiku-activity directory. The cache subdirectory will need to have read and write permissions to write a cache file. This presents us from bombarding Jaiku’s API each time the page loads.
  4. Go to Options > Jaiku Activity and fill in your API Key and your Jaiku User Name.
  5. Optionally, you can set how often you would like to refresh the Cache. The default is 15 minutes.
  6. Once you update the plugin, you should see your latest Jaiku presence on the Options page along with the snippet to add to your sidebar (or where ever you’d like to put it).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I add an update link that I can click if I’m logged into WordPress?
    Add this code immediately after the wpja_jaiku(); function:

    get_currentuserinfo() ;
    global $user_level;
    if ($user_level > 0) {
    echo " >small>[>a href="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=jaiku-activity/jaiku-activity_admin.php#update" title="Update Jaiku">Update>/a>]>/small>";

That’s it! Questions or comments welcome.

Download the Jaiku Plugin for WordPress
– Current Version 1.0.5

1.0.5: Added the ability to select an Icon to your post (unfortunately, there’s no way to retrieve that to view in your blog, though)
1.0.4: Plugin now checks to ensure SimpleXML is loaded
1.0.3: I now show the Jaiku API response when you make a new post
1.0.2: Simplified the location post mechanism
1.0.1: Did a little clean-up on the post and response mechanisms
1.0.0: Launch!