WordPress Plugins:

  • Webtrends WordPress Plugin developed for Webtrends.
  • YouTube Sidebar Widget pulls in your YouTube channel or playlist into the sidebar and automatically generates the embedded video in an overlay.
  • WordPress Author Widget – displays the Author’s information in the sidebar as well as obtaining an image via the gravatar service. Option to display the author information in the base of the post on the feed as well. Current version: 1.1.0
  • Clicky WordPress Plugin – I wrote the Administrative Interface for the Clicky WordPress Plugin, download it from their Goodies page.
  • Connective Mobile WordPress Plugin – integrates your blog with SMS so you can manage a text messaging club, automatically alert suscribers to new posts, get comment alerts, etc.
  • WordPress Contact Form with Spam Protection – this plugin allows a user to easily integrate a Contact Form into WordPress. Current Version 3.2.0

    UPDATE: I’ve discontinued development of this plugin. Instead, I would highly recommend Gravity Forms from RocketGenius for a very robust form integration with WordPress!

  • NiceAdmin Plugin – this plugin allows a much nicer style to the WordPress Administration. Not compatible with WordPress 2.5. Current Version 1.0.1
  • PostPost Plugin – this plugin allows you to add content before or after your post within your site or within your feed. Extremely helpful if you’d like to monetize your blog. Current Version 2.1.0
  • Seesmic Plugin – this plugin displays your latest Seesmic videos on your WordPress blog. Current Version 1.1.4
  • Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin – this plugin utilizes the Technorati API and displays your blog’s rank in the sidebar along with an “Add to Technorati Favorites” link. Current Version 2.1.0

    Technorati Rank WordPress Plugin Version 2

  • JaikuJaiku Plugin for WordPress – Allows you to display your latest Jaiku presence in your blog AND allows you to post a new presence to Jaiku! Current Version 1.0.5.


  • Technorati API using JavaScript, PHP5′s SimpleXML, and the Curl Library, I wrote a little engine that produces your Technorati rank.
  • I’ve written a couple of Yahoo! Widgets for ExactTarget. It’s a pretty cool widget engine. Bill Dawson turned me onto it and gave me the first code samples.

    Yahoo! Widgets for ExactTarget

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