How to Keep Up with Millennials + Their Omni-Channel Shopping Habits

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With smartphones in every pocket, Millennials are equipped and have become accustomed to a new way of shopping. With over $200 billion in annual buying power, Millennials are an important group to cater to; but how much are retailers considering them as they update their marketing strategies? While Millennials do still enjoy in-store purchases, 85% like to use their mobile devices to research products before making purchases. Retailers who are aware of this keep their online presence strong and use reviews to their advantage. 50% of Millennials will visit a … Continue reading

Worldwide Map of the E-Commerce Boom

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While we are well aware of how quickly e-commerce is growing in the United States, at 4x the rate of retail, there are other countries that make these rates look like they are moving at a glacial pace. In China, e-commerce grew 51% in 2013 and e-commerce in India is predicted to leap from $13B in 2013 to up to $70B by 2020. Managing more transactions than eBay and Amazon combined, Chinese company Alibaba provides the infrastructure to all Chinese e-commerce. Going public on the NYSE this year, Alibaba will … Continue reading

Information Overload and Infographics

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information overload on infographics

Every day we review our alerts from Meltwater, or sponsor, and review dozens of marketing-related infographics on the web. Each week we choose not to publish hundreds of infographics, though. We develop infographics ourselves and it’s not that we’re snobs… it’s simply that we understand what makes an infographic work and what doesn’t. A well-designed infographic without information overload has the following: An Entertaining Story – in its entirety, there should be some theme to the assemblance of data and graphics. (See Prevent Home Break-ins that was launched around Halloween) … Continue reading

Infographic: Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

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search distribution

The folks at developed this infographic and named it Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014. I’m not sure I like that title… I don’t think companies should focus on building links anymore. Our local search experts at Site Strategics like to say that new strategies require earning links rather than actively building them. More importantly, I believe this infographic combines a ton of tools and distribution sites where you can reach multiple audiences. Distribution, promotion and repurposing content is an effective means of getting a … Continue reading

Top Enterprise PPC Campaign Management Platforms

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Pay Per Click Provider List

PPC campaign management platforms assist enterprises in managing complex paid search, paid social and paid digital display advertising campaigns. Key features of the platforms include automated bid management, bid optimization, conversion attribution, campaign optimization, creative optimization, and campaign performance analytics. PPC Campaign Management Platforms Acquisio helps marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, and report on media across all channels. The platform was designed for search marketing, and it has evolved to include Facebook ads and retargeted ads on all major RTB display networks. Adobe Media Optimizer – get a consolidated view … Continue reading

Infographic: Anatomy of a Perfect Event

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perfect event marketing

Our good friends at Formstack have released a new event field where you can adjust the image, description, cost and available quantities at any time by clicking on the field in the Builder tab. Add a credit card field and a total field to complete the purchase flow on your event registration form! You can even disable the field if you’ve sold out. They’ve released a fantastic infographic to help folks with their event marketing. The timing on this couldn’t be more perfect as we’ve been ramping up for our … Continue reading

VerbalizeIt: App, Text, Audio and Video Translation

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VerbalizeIt’s translation platform routes your uploaded content to a curated community for translation, review and return within 24-48 hours. Only the top 10% of eligible applicants are invited to join the translation community and a feedback loop from VerbalizeIt community leadership, customers and continuous testing is used to ensure they reward the highest quality translators, train high potential translators, and move out poor-performers. VerbalizeIt can assist companies with textual translation, audio translation, video translation and even help you translate your mobile or web application. This is an incredible opportunity for … Continue reading

Testing Livefyre Sidenote for Commenting

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We’ve moved between commenting systems a few times on the Marketing Technology Blog. Luckily, all the key platforms will synchronize comments (we don’t use them if they don’t). Comments are becoming a topic nowadays since comment spam is rampant and many of the most colorful conversations are happening offline, leading some very large blogs to turn off commenting altogether. I’m with friend Lorraine Ball on this one who states: To me, a blog without comments is like a school without students or a concert without an audience. To me, engagement … Continue reading

Video: #Socialnomics 2014

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#Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman is the fifth version of the most watched video series on Social Media. This year’s video denotes the critical mass between social, mobile and the explosion of millennial usage. We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The choice is how well we do it. Erik Qualman One key factor on this is that 20% of the terms typed into a search bar have never been searched before – supporting the need for a robust content marketing program where combinations of articles, … Continue reading