MassiveImpact: A Cost Per Action Mobile Ad Network

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Views, impressions, clicks… I seriously wonder why we still measure and advertise based on these metrics. MassiveImpact is a mobile ad network reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users from 190 countries and they don’t. They use CPA, or cost per action, to determine their ad pricing. That’s right… you only pay when there’s an actual conversion! This means that your return on investment is guaranteed. MassiveImpact offers a 2-tier mobile advertising model, using the MassiveImpact Event Tracker: Cost Per Installation (CPI) – pay as new users install your … Continue reading

SimplyCast: Customer Flow Communication Platform

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The SimplyCast 360 Automation Manager combines 15 channel outputs into a single platform, enabling marekters to build automated marketing campaigns and communication flows. Their solution allows you to reach the right people at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Engage with customers and prospects based on stored data, their interests, and their past interactions with your organization to increase your return on investment. The SimplyCast marketing automation solution allows you to set up your campaigns like a flow chart, allowing you to reach and engage with your … Continue reading

Infographic: Marketing to Cross-Platform Audiences

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88% of Americans own at least 2 internet-connected devices and 90% of Americans use multiple devices sequentially throughout the day. For marketers, this provides both a challenge and opportunity to coordinate and saturate mediums where the audience is… while ensuring they leverage the strengths of the device they’re communicating on. This infographic from Uberflip digs into the facts – which demographics are on which devices, how much time they’re spending on them, and what the experts are saying – so you can adapt and rock your mobile content strategy. Dive … Continue reading

Infographic: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing

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It’s clear that the future of marketing is in mobile applications, and there is tremendous amount of room to grow; currently, only 46% of companies have mobile applications. On top of the mobile communications, Big Data is providing another opportunity for growth, but 71% of CMOs are unprepared for the data explosion. Mobile is shaping the future of marketing 46% of companies currently have mobile versions of their websites and 30% are planning to follow suit next year 45% of companies are offering a mobile app and 31% will roll … Continue reading

Infographic: The Beacon Marketing Opportunity

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We’ve shared information on Swirl’s mobile beacon marketing system before. This infographic from Swirl illustrates the power of beacon-triggered content and offers in terms of consumer appeal and the potential to influence in-store purchase decisions. Key data points included in the infographic include 72% of consumers said that a relevant mobile offer delivered to their smartphone while shopping in a store would significantly influence their likelihood to make a purchase. 79% of consumers who have received push notifications on their smartphone in the past six months have made at least … Continue reading

Infographic: The State of Mobile in the US

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Mobile usage among consumers continues to skyrocket. 74% of growth was in smartphones with 79% of US Shoppers browsing and shopping on sites and apps. By 2016 mobile app revenues will hit $46 billion. To quantify what this dramatic shift means for brands the folks at Usablenet put together an infographic that demonstrates just how much mobile Internet usage is changing the way consumers interact with brands on the web. Usablenet powers mobile sites and multichannel experiences for over 400 clients including many of the world’s top retailer, travel and … Continue reading

How to Plan Your New Web Site

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We’ve all been there… your site needs a refresh. Either your business has rebranded, the site has become stale and old, or it’s simply not converting visitors the way you need it too. Our clients come to us to increase conversions and we often have to take a step back and redevelop their entire web presences from branding through to content. How do we do it? A web site is broken up into 6 key strategies, which should be detailed so you know where you’re coming from and what your … Continue reading

PlaceIt: Awesome Screenshot App, Ridiculous Pricing

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We were looking to get a nice photo of our email on an iPhone in a picturesque setting. When I happened across PlaceIt, I was incredibly impressed. The web application has a wide range of images that are easily filtered, and it’s just a couple of clicks to upload your screenshot and resize it. The app takes it from there and properly adjusts the angle and lighting to put the screenshot seamlessly into the photo. It was all well and good until I clicked Download to purchase the image. The … Continue reading

Infographic: 2014 Predictions for Mobile Web Trends

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If 2013 was the year of content and mobile, perhaps this year is the year of context. That is, putting the content physically in front of the user when and where they need it. We’re not just talking about search, we’re also talking about push messaging and third-party integrations. This infographic from Netbiscuits makes just that prediction. Smartphone adoption continues to increase, providing tighter geolocation capabilities and an increase in the number of connected devices to detect and communicate with. We can expect to see greater demand for highly customized … Continue reading