Link Detox: Find Backlinks that are Killing your SEO

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Backlinking continues to be a very, very dangerous sport. What once was the easiest method to build your ranking online can now get your site buried. Now it’s become imperative that you disavow the links that are killing your search ranking – enter Link Detox, part of the family of products in LinkResearchTools.

Link Detox is a stand-alone tool that classifies a domain’s backlinks into 3 categories (toxic, suspicious, or healthy) and supports you in cleaning up your link profile. The interface of Link Detox is so easy to handle, you can discover all the malicious links to your site with a single click. Link Detox analyzes your link profile based on a variety of SEO metrics and known problematic contexts. They then provide recommendations for those toxic links.

Link Detox

You can sign up for Link Detox and execute 1 detox per month for $40.