Jaiku Plugin for WordPress Released!

Jaiku Plugin for WordPress Released!
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JaikuA few days ago I wrote about Jaiku, a ‘micro-blogging’ service. I was immediately impressed with Jaiku because it has a robust API.

After a fun weekend of programming, I’ve released (what I think) is the first Jaiku Plugin for WordPress! Version 1.0.0 is stable and based on code that I had written for my Technorati Rank plugin.

The Jaiku Plugin has 2 key features:

  1. It allows you to display your latest Jaiku presence on your sidebar (You can see mine in my sidebar on my home page).
  2. It also allows you to post your latest presence to Jaiku directly from the Jaiku Options in WordPress!

Additionally, the plugin caches the Jaiku response so we don’t beat up on Jaiku’s API too bad! Enjoy!

Link: Jaiku Plugin for WordPress Project Page


Jaiku Plugin for WordPress