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Optimizing a Linkedin Profile for Social Selling

Social Selling Profile

We recently shared the challenges with social selling – most of them centered around inadequate training and strategies. As with inbound marketing, social selling isn’t simply providing a means of engagement, it’s also leaving the necessary information for the prospect to do their own research. Social selling incorporates three specific elements …

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What’s Stopping Organizations from Implementing Social Selling Strategies?

Social Selling

As we head into 2016, organizations are still struggling with their social selling strategies. We’ve shared the foundations of social selling in past posts and there’s no denying the benefits of a team that adopts social selling practices: , that’s over 20% more than non-social sellers! With those kinds of …

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The Best Customer Acquisition Strategies Online

Customer Acquisition Strategies

Whether you like it or not, every business has a revolving door of customers coming and going. We can all do things that increase retention and alleviate the additional costs and efforts associated with finding new customers, but old customers will still leave for reasons outside of our control. ELIV8 …

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5 Statistics Proving Mobile Sales Tools are Dramatically Improving Performance

Mobile Sales Tools with FatStax

We’ve been working with our sales enablement sponsor, FatStax, for quite a few months now. Their mobile sales platform has exploded in growth – especially since supporting iOS on iPhone in addition to iPad (Android is coming early next year). When we sat down and began speaking to their customers …

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